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    Default taking "risk" during pick up?

    i wanted to clarify this quote, so first ill have you read the quote, then ill ask my question after words.

    If it's appropriate, take a little risk. I know the whole thing about risking your ego is the central challenge to your being able to do anything effective with women, but it's important for you to understand that the act of risking helps to bootstrap your confidence and projects a very high status image. What's the big deal about risk-taking anyway? Because if you're a "winner" at the game of Life, then you expect to continue winning at whatever you try to do. Therefore, what 50 looks scary to a "loser" is not really a risk, for you. The ability to accept a risk with apparent ease is an activity reserved for the High Status Male.This expectation is the signal... get it? Trust me, she does. It immediately tags you as being intriguing to women. You want the label of the "risk-taker" at any cost, so seek it wherever you can.
    so my question on that quote is, even if i make myself look stupid, dumb, say something that decreases my value, i should not hold back and just spit it? after all since i never had a gf before, making ton of these mistakes with HB8-10's will be of benefit for me to learn from mistake and just use the girl as a "test subject" instead, maybe this should be my Mindset, to use them as test subject to farther my skills in attracting and seducing girls?

    did i answer my own question which i did not notice?
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    Default Re: taking "risk" during pick up

    I don't think the guy quoted meant to say what you stated below.

    Taking risks assumes living on the edge, go headfirst with something, doing something crazy, whereas what you describe is characteristic of "maintaining the frame".

    When you did something that made yourself look stupid or dumb ( whatever that means to you ), it's OK to amplify it in a ridiculous exaggerated way.

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