I am sure many of us on here know what the term peacocking means.
The term is based on a male Peacock having extravagant feathers and displays to attract the female peacock in order to win her seed.

In the human world, peacocking refers to standing out with things that, well, stand out. In essence, it will make you seem interesting to a girl.

Now, I am not sure what many people feel about peacocking, however, I am sort of used my own method of peacocking.

I have realized that, over the years of going out to bars and college parties, girls tend to flock to things that light up. I do not know if there is some inner brain function in women that makes them so highly interested in a glow stick, but anything that tends to blink, glow, or light up is like a moth to a flame.

My friend recently obtained these "sunglasses" that are green (plastic) and they light up with green blinking lights. The lights have three different sequences to them, but the basic idea of it is that this thing just sort of stands out in a bar/club.
During the fourth of July weekend, I was out watching the fireworks and a street vendor was selling a light up pacifier that blinks red, blue, and green colors.

I bring these out (not all the time) to bars or venues I go to. Not once has it failed to attract a girls attention. The remarks vary but they tend to be, "can I have them?", "can i wear them?", "can I take a picture of you", or something along those lines.

The pacifier is great because girls want to suck on it.

Well, the reason I am writing this thread is to see if anyone believes in peacocking, has used it effectively, how, and what methods/style they used it in.

(Another example, since I am from New Jersey, I wear a cowboy hat out sometimes. Girls LOVE it.)

Again, It may not be for everyone, and this is just a thread to see what other people have done that seemed to work or not.