Seduction is the process of pursuading a person into an act (usually sexual) that they may not have entered into otherwise. The term may have both positive and negative connotations.
Seduction is a very profitable industry people are willing to give out there ?secrets? for a one off fee. Usually in ebook or video format. So how does one know if the person selling a product can genuinely help bring endless new partners ? Well they say all the best advice is free so I?m going to give you the essentials of seduction in 5 easy to follow steps.

  1. Approach more members of the opposite sex
  2. Take yourself to places where members of the opposite sex are in the mood for seduction i.e. night clubs.
  3. Have a number of happy go lucky conversation starters.
  4. Present yourself well, maximise your appearence.
  5. Close the deal. ask for that phone number.

OK I?ve over simplified it, but basically this is what most seduction courses will teach in effect they will increase your probability of meeting that special person. Good luck.