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    Joker Guest

    Default Reading: "Your Dates Body Language"

    1. Notice whether your date exhibits good yet relaxed posture. A slouched date probably isn't having a good time. A date who's sitting up is being attentive. 2. Observe whether your date makes good eye contact. If your date keeps looking into your eyes, you've got it made.

    3. Is your date leaning forward? Then you aren't a complete stranger anymore.

    4. Be aware of any physical contact. Holding hands is a great sign.

    5. Notice if your date has his or her palms up, which indicates a friendly warmth.

    6. Know that your date is listening to you if he or she nods during conversation; this indicates your words are being heard.

    7. Pay attention to whether your date is in sync with you and constantly reflecting your behavior. Does she shift in her seat when you do? Does he pick up your speed and tone when he's speaking? Are you both breathing at the same rate? This occurs unconsciously and indicates a good rhythm between you - it's not just a copycat game.

    Negative Body Language

    1. Take note if your date's arms are crossed. This suggests there's a wall between the two of you.

    2. Beware if your date is yawning. This is a bad sign - unless it's because your date was up all night thinking about you.

    3. Clue in if your date is nodding too much during the conversation, it means you're talking to the same wall that was created by the crossed arms.

    4. Is your date looking at everything but you? Be worried.

    5. Notice if your date is keeping some distance between you. Personal space is one thing, but if your date is not standing next to you, that's a bad sign.

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    RocketMan Guest


    Good stuff... I think I spend too much time worrying about what I am doing and not enough time calibrating myself against what my date is doing.

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