You could say that this summer before the first year of college I had the best luck this economy has seen for years.

I work in front of the Currituck beach lighthouse, the epicenter of tourist families staying in Corolla NC selling ice cream to their children and telling their parents how polite they are (a sure fire way to earn a few dollars in tips ).

We also sell drinks, private-labeled root beer, and dog hats. That's right DOG HATS!! We have a model for them and everything xD

But having this job not only taught me how to talk to children, but also how to VERY effectively talk to women!! Here's how right below:

The best way to talk to a little kid would be to say, "hey there ____ girl what's your name?" In the blank insert something based on her clothing. If its a bathing suit it would be "swimmer girl" or "flower girl".

But one slow Sunday I decided to try this on an OLDER girl there with her family! This time she happened to be wearing a pair of short-shorts with the words, "OBX" printed on the butt. It was TOO easy!!

"Hey OBX butt girl what's your name?"

She was MINE!

And when she asks for her order, the next best move would be a, "what's the magic word??" "wow, polite girl, you learn so FAST!"

Of COURSE she's giggling her panties off by now! Another good move would be to tell her to meet the dog-hat model. She's a little Plott hound my Grandfather/Boss owns. I give the dog a few ear-scratches, and then i give polite girl a few scratches behind the ear, saying, "awe, do you like ear scratches too?"

And to wrap it all up, i like to tell her to write her name on one of those wooden sticks used to dig out ice cream from screwballs or cookies and cream cups. then i tell her im a marvelous tattoo artist and write my full name on their arm so we can add each other to FB.

So the next time you see a couple of girls walking up to your stand, tell them, "are you girls missing your mother?" with a BIG smile on your face! Take it from a Good Humor guy