Any experienced PUA can tell you that out in the field, there will be plenty of "smart" girls who will be ready to challenge your game once upon approach.

Now, the first time this has happened to me was a major milestone in my dynasty to rule the field. I just was not prepared to respond to, "is that what you say to women to pick them up??" when it came from the mouth of the mother hen in the group.

So what's the answer? What if my quick wits do not regurgitate a clever, James Bond worthy comeback to put her back in her place?

The answer:

My new cure-all tonic I like to call the Statement of Confidence. It lets the set know that you did NOT sneak out to this club past your bedtime. You approached this set to take the women of your choice back home with you if they are lucky enough. That's right THEY! Whether they behave or not, you are getting some at the end of the night anyway.

Lets get back to the presented scenario now: our mother hen is looking after the chicks saying, "is that just a line you say to pick up women?" And you need a response NOW! QUICKLY! They're WAITING!

Good thing you have an SoC ready. You chuckle and say, "damn straight!" and BAM! Mother hen's proud and wise look turns to confusion. This guy is indestructible!

And at this point you have a few options:

You could turn your attention to another part of the group, to show them you are a valuable guy who is in control of the conversation and just game on.

You could do the callenging thing and walk away to talk to a set that deserves your time, and later be approached by the offending set and get a blow job with the mother hen later that night.

Or, since the SoC bought you some time you can reframe the Sh1t Test. Tell her you could totally pick this chick up and literally pick her up. (lol)

Either way, you keep your alpha status and NOTHING they say can bring you down no matter WHAT it is! Insulting other people will never make ANYONE look more attractive, so the only result is a more attractive you for being so confident in the face of their challenge.

Add this one to your repertoire gentlemen. They won't know what hit them.