Tonight was at a pretty tough location. Loud music, hot young chiks, etc. Opened Ethiopian HB6 with a claw. Hooked up, she started to give me IOIs from the get go, hugs setting her face close to mine, etc. Tried to kiss close, she pushed away. Played a bit, pulled her hair, she broke up started to get all horney,I went out she chased me, I pulled her in, kissed her in her mouth.
She did not react right away, but I persisted.
She started to bite my lips. I thought she does not know how to kiss. Than after this point was cat and mouse game. She was pulling away, coming back, make out, goes away, test, I go away, she comes etc.

At some point she told me that her friends want to go to different club, so I said Ok, leave me your number. She took my cell through part of it on the floor, I thought she will break it. After this I found that part. Tried to pull her out, I guess it was in the wrong moment.
She probably decided that I am going with them to the other club. After this it sorta started to decline. She moved to her friends, I tried to use power, she insisted, I let go, left to the dance floor, tried to open a set of 4 chiks, failed.
At some point her friends went to the other club, she went with them. I was OK, move on, than I saw her alone. Apparently she got hooked, so came back for me. I came, hugged her, she bit my lip again. I tried to move her to the dance floor, probably better was to move out, but she did not move any way. She asked me to buy her a drink.
I said "Do not you have money to get it for yourself, she nodded "yes", so I replied "Do you want to get water, are you thirsty?"
She nodded "no"
After this she went somewhere and I never saw her again. Later on her friends came back from the other club, but she apparently left home.
The question is " should I buy her a drink in the given circumstances?"
What I could do better anyway?