The core of Approach Anxiety has many different ideas from many well known artists. One Idea is that it goes back to the old tribe days where a man had to choose from only a select few of potential mates. A life or death situation being that if refused you would be certainly killed by a rock to the head. There are many other ideas such as tapping and even forms of acupuncture available to conquer your fear. These may or may not be fopa’s. I have some different ideas on this subject that I will attempt to articulate. You will have a greeter understanding of what causes this so you can attempt to understand and handle the situation the best you feel like handling it.

I will give you some ideas and ways that I have never unleashed to anyone outside of my own students. This has taken countless hours of brainstorming, training, and testing out theory’s with student’s, friends and other naturals. I hope there is a great appreciation of the tireless effort I have devoted to finally helping men understand what approach anxiety is. Understand ways to easily breeze through this obstacle so that men all over can change the way they think about taking the first step.

Value displacement – Placing value in items that value is not warranted.
Oh my GAWD she’s Hot!
She is way out of my league!

Media is a big distortion of where society places its value. Our parents are distortions of value. In media, we are taught that specific styles, a certain hair cut, large breasts. The TV age has been bombarded with images and advertising. It is no wonder that we enjoy big Macs since in any given hour of TV on nearly any channel you can find several advertisements from Mc Donald’s. Or that Ford trucks are the best rout to go since they are ford tough. My generation has been inundated from childhood notifying us what is good and bad. Unfortunately TV has even formed our parent’s opinions on what is evil or wholesome. Happy meals, hotdogs, tap water, and cinnamon rolls wrapped in bologna was a daily staple of our life. Value was based on the amount of money used to purchase an items opposed to the health benefits related to processed foods. Why don’t we view health as more valuable than the cost of cheap food? How did we get to a point in life where even the word value has been perverted to a degree unthinkable of what value truly is.

Value = Fair return or equivalent for something exchanged; How much something is worth; Distinctive quality; Guiding principal or ideal; Estimate the worth of; Appreciate the worth of; Displace; Expel or force to flee from home or native land; Take the place of

If we take a look at our lives, we can identify other areas where we place value that doesn’t deserve or warrant the value we give to it. Our car selections, type of home we live in, the fluid we use to revive our life cells, whether to or not to have children, our friends, our hobbies, our desires and goals. These are just a few areas that I had to re-look at, ounce I started to understand the value I placed on these items. What are my needs? What is the true value?

Next time you are out sarging, ask yourself why one girl is more valuable than another. After qualification, you may not see as much value as you perceived in the short skin tight dress.