Hey fellas,

So I've been reading this book "conquer your campus" By Race de Priest and man this guy has some cool sh1t. Not only was he a student of the man himself Mystery! But he has developed a more natural system alongside the notoriously Mr. Smooth Christian Hudson.

Now, The book is all about the difference in the mystery method that works in real life and the fact it doesn't work as well in college because of the social situation. So what does this mean you ask. Well this means there are a definitive few things you can do on a primal level that will enhance your game in college, and real life too!!

Right, well i'm not going to let out all of his material because a) Copyright and b) It's just not cool (I suggest you buy it) but what I can say is he had one really fantastic tip I would like to share which we can all learn from. This advice was to show the girl love and respect.

After many field reports and testing, he concluded that by showing up to every girl you know and like should receive a kiss on the cheek, a cheeky hug and a general attitude as if you're excited to the see them. The key here is to put some real energy into it to begin with and act interested in their life.

This really did work wonders on some of the friendships and relationships i've had with girls recently, and now i'm getting a lot more positives signs .

So give it a try! Show the love, and let them give it all back with benefits! And try it on guys too, without the kissing. (unless you're gaming guys, then go for it ).

But seriously, this will ensure rapid growth in success with women, and i've only just begun myself 2 weeks ago.... all I can say is.... it farking works!

Finchy x

>< Because it's worth it ><