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    Default Day Game - This is how...

    Hey Fellas,

    If you have ever found day game hard, then you've come to the right place! Because i'm about to share with you something truly amazing that has incorporated all the mystery method which feels so natural and easy to ask.

    Not sure yet? Cool well I'll come to that in a second. First of all, you should realise that opening women in the day can be so much easier than night game, and when you start approaching in the day, you will realise how true that is. The reason for this is because women are not so deep in their defensive shields than when they are out at night. They simply don't expect it, and by you approaching, you have rocked that moment in her day. I've even given compliments to a women and watch them walk off blushing at having that one special moment in that day. All I can say is, she will feel good.

    But anyway, I realise I have something special for you. And you're going to be surprised or maybe not. That special thing you should open a girl with in the day is....... to ask for the time....

    Now, don't suddenly think, oh great is that it? Or how can I use that to get a girl in my bed? Because that's not the point. The point of this is to get you into day game rocket fast. So it's not something to use forever but it is something that will help you learn how to approach women.

    When you ask for the time however, you want to be smiling and look like you're in a rush. This applies 2 very powerful mystery method skills whilst keeping it natural. No women is going to turn down giving you the time even if she's talking on the phone. It's just polite. Once you learn this skill, then you can go on and begin the compliment stage.

    Alot of PUAs say don't compliment it will make you look like an AFC. But day game is different my men, and it's important you compliment about something not as ordinary. Such as their nails, hair, earrings, bracelets, funky shirt she's wearing.etc. And from then on you can ask her "Btw, where'd you get that cool necklace?" That can be a compliment in it's own right with a general interest. She can't say no, she WILL answer. It's simple.

    Now go out today or tommorrow whenever it is day for you and go approach 5 Woman! Ask them for the time, and the last 2 you approach, compliment her with a question like the one above. This approach works magically, especially if you're new to the game.

    Have fun, and if you have any questions feel free to post here or pm me on day game.

    Finchy x
    Work hard, Play hard players! Oh and Man up, girls like men.

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    Default Re: Day Game - This is how...

    I love daygame and am glad you are discussing it. If you have any good advice (from your own experience) on keeping the conversation going and closing, I'd love to hear it. For now I'll respond to your post.

    1. You are absolutely right about women's defense shields--I've gone right up to girls and said "honestly, I really just came up to you because I thought you were cute" and it worked. It is because it is very unique to them--hardly any guys are going to say that during the day. Now, that doesn't mean you can say whatever you want, but I'm saying that the mere fact that you approached during the day shows some confidence.

    2. The time + compliment thing. I personally think it is better to ask for directions (or some other harmless question) rather than the time: she might find it odd that you don't have a watch/cell phone on you. But enough quibbling: this method is solid because you need to get her to stop walking (if she is) and pay attention to you so you can flirt/compliment etc. It won't look creepy because all you want is the time/directions, you just so "happened" to notice something nice about her outfit and made a comment.

    3. Good method for approaching: start off easy by just asking for the time and leaving. Say hi to some random people to get warmed up. Then try and talk a little longer, tossing in a complement. This helps you get comfortable because the chance of rejection is so low--she isn't going to tell you buzz off just for asking a question.

    In fact, I'm going to try this tomorrow and post the results in the field report section. To anyone reading this, you should do the same.


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