Hey Friends, I invented a new Kino game that works great, name I.Z.I.K - Inner Zone Implement Kino.

Where and when to play?
Wherever you feel comfort, at the comfort stage is more recommended.

The Goal:
To win the "Game". if you will play it well, you will win the bet and the game, either way you'll win something (the attraction Game and the target, or the I.Z.I.K game and the bet).

The Rules:
- Your target should close her eyes without opening them for 2 minutes.
- You are allowed to touch her anywhere you want, besides private area (vegina, boobs, ass etc.)

First describe the rules to your target.
make sure you are circling her at all time.
start with the easy and allowed places to touch.
during the 2 minutes, it's your job to sexually stimulate the target, to seduce her, using the following tools:

- Kino, your Kino and touches should be progressively, palm, arm, neck, upper back, lower back,abdomen (upper and lower), thighs, inner thighs, vegina (NO lol).

- Sex appeal tone, to do that breathe through your abdomen and speak while you breathe out.
when you use it, it recommended you do that next to her neck and ear (close).

- Broadcasting sex, to do that, simply imagine you two having sex.

- Other tools you might come up with.

+ Intrusion to her inner zine without objection
+ Create attraction (Kino, Sex appeal tone, Broadcasting sex etc.)
+ The target is your to use (remember the game rules), and if you played it well, for always.
+ Practicing the rules mentioned.
+ Bypass consciouness
+ A WIN WIN game
+ Diversity, Fun and interesting game suitable for stucking points during the conversation. If it's with others company it will be fun as well, make sure to pay attention to her friends and with enthusiasm, During the game it's recommended to neg her actions (in front of her friend and/or alone).

- The target can object and close herself (not for everybody). To prevent that from happening make it fun, be enthusiastic, do it during the comfort stage after all it is just a game.
- YOU Tell me the rest.

Enjoy IZIK Game
Peace. pu4f aka EuQiNu