If you are enrolled in classes you can create a sort of triangle with women. For instance, on the first day of class sit next to one chick and chat her up, then the next class sit so she can see you but not close enough to talk and chat up another chick. Third class you can chat with either one, but by the forth class you should sit by yourself or just talk with dudes. The targets will notice. But you have to ignore the chick on the day you are talking to either the dudes or the other chick.

Finally, on the fifth class chat up the girl you prefer out of the two- she will be very open to meeting up after class , plus this dhv's all the other chicks watching you from a distance making it much easier to chat them up throughout the semester. College chicks are dillusioned my movies about college just as much as men are and are looking for crazy times-especially if they sit at the back.