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    Default My dumb a$$ may missed an opportunity where do i go from here?

    I am a Jazz guitar player. I was in the Guitar store yesterday looking for a chord book there are two girls there that i have seen before and said hi to walking in and out but never really talked to them. As i was standing there looking at a book i just picked up and one of the girls came over to me and the following took place

    Her:"hey is there anything i can help you with?"
    Dumb S**t me: No i am ok i think i am just going to buy this. thanks though.
    Her: Ok well we have a studio and give lessons here I can show you around there if you want me to. (which in all my times being at the store and knowing people who have been there no one ever offers to show someone around the studio)
    Even Dumber me: Well i am kind of in a hurry now but maybe next time. (which in all honesty i was)
    As i was check out she is there kind of smiling at me by the door and waved.
    Colossal Idiot me: i waved and said "Thanks." (and i walked out)

    I got to the car, put one foot in and then i think Holy S*** you F***ing idiot. i had also notice she had smiled at me in the past when i was there. Obviously she was trying to get my attention. Now of course i couldn't just go right back because i had already said i was in a hurry to get out and i would look like an idiot going back in.

    But obviously i missed an easy opportunity.

    Thinking about going back next week looking for her and then asking her to show me if they have a specific type of book (of course i play it to where it doesn't look like i am looking for her specifically) that i know they probably wont but it will get her to come to the book rack with me and search for the book. Then try and work from there.

    is this wise or should i just move on or is ther something else should I could do?

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