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    Default I used this twice last night and got digits!!!....

    A bit about myself first. I'm 45, 5'10", 205# (I'm a large guy) and have great dark hair that that is slightly long which the women seem to love.

    Last night, I was at my corner bar where a cool band plays every Saturday. There is a light crowd, my friends and I are playing pool and enjoying the band. A young (30 y.o.) woman comes in and is by herself having a drink at a table, I notice her but don't run over to her like 5 other guys just did. I just nod to her and smile when she looks my way. I get a smile back.
    So when the band goes on break, she is over by the bar collecting her things, looking like she is going outside to smoke (Farking Louisville ban on smoking inside bars!). I make a sideways approach, look over back at her like I am going back to my friends, and lean in a bit and ask her "Hey, you look like you could smoke some weed." She lights up and says "Oh my God, how could you tell!" We make our intro's and she follows me. My friends and her go out around the block and smoke and talk the whole time. Of course I do my best to keep my buddies from stealing my thunder by asking this fine brunette (HB8) to join me. She doesn't have a cell phone yet, as she just moved back from China, but I do close with an e-mail addy and she wants to see me again!

    Later, when outside the bar smoking, she (Brunette HB8) is talking with me, when I see another friend (HB8, 29 yo) and her smoking hot blonde friend (HB10!, 28?). They work up the street at an upscale restaurant. I get this vibe from L** that she and A** are girlfriends or at least bi. Plenty of AFCs,( about 3) are orbiting the 10's p*ssy, when I start talking to L** and we are having a great convo when A** comes over and checks in. I give her a little neg about something silly and keep talking to L**, Ms. 10 smiles and laughs a little. We all go in and dance together and other girl friends of theirs that came in later start dancing with me too! I grab A**'s hand, twirl her around several times and showing her I know what I am doing. We go back to the bar after the band leaves. Sitting there another HB9 brunette I danced with is talking with me, when I ask her for her number, she gives it to me too! OMG! I'm on fire! when the owners are trying to kick us out, again, I ask L** "So, you want to go smoke some weed?" Lots of yeses from the women! I am instantly popular with all the gals and a couple of hoverers of A**. L**, whom I didn't know whether she smoked or not (she used to me my daughter's acting teacher!) offers to catch us all a buzz and we go to one of the guy's houses nearby. Sitting around a patio table outside at 4:30 am, I play off that the AMOG of the group is me. I played the guys just as good as I dhv to L** and A**, and I successfully get L**'s and A**'s numbers.
    I had a great night and a hell of a hangover this morning!
    Going to work on the kiss close more, but there wasn't much opportunity to get any of them alone in the small bar we were in.
    SMILE , and Don't care.

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    Default Re: I used this twice last night and got digits!!!....

    nice work my man

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