so I met this girl in my lab at school, she's around my age.. and I've talked to her a few times during the lab.

today in groups of threes, I was with her and another girl.. the other girl was engaged, and they were talking and she goes.. I wish I had one of these (refer to the other girl's diamond ring).. then looked at me. I spanked her butt with my folder by accident and she never looked back or made a comment. After, we proceed to the class portion, and I went to her and said.. why aren't you sitting with me.. and she got her stuff, moved herself to the other side of the class to sit with me...

she had made small comments like .. "that statement you made was really funny", and she seemed shy when she accidentally brushed my hand and quickly apologized. I'm usually pretty good atthe bar scene or malls, but classes is new for me, it's been a while since I've been in school again.

not sure if she has a boyfriend, but things seem to be progressing.. what's my next few steps.. she seems a little shy.