When you talk to a woman, I'm guessing you're thinking the idea is to be in control at all times. This is partially correct, because if you assume control at all times, then what you will do is lose her attraction. She wants to feel in control of herself and her choices. This is why, on a serious note, that if a woman is raped, it is not out of sexual gratification, but deep down it is about power and control. That woman has lost her power and control over her own decisions and it's a scary world for her.

So it is important therefore to let her take some sort of control. If you don't, on a lighter level she will lose attraction for you. It doesn't mean you have to submit to her every demand. But it does mean you should sometimes 'ask' instead of 'tell'. Just like when you use the kiss gambit, where you say "Would you like to kiss me right now?", if she says yes, go for it, if she says maybe go for it, if she no then say "Good, I didn't ask you to". This gambit uses that. It gives her power and choice, then you make your move at taking the power and control.

An interaction is all about power and control. She takes some power, you take some back.etc.etc. It goes on forever. And whoever is in control at the time, will feel the most happiest and be the most influencial. This means that the person with less power will feel more unhappy, more lonely and seeking attention. Not a good place to be for you, and it's not a good place to be for her. So as you see, it is very important to allow a woman to have control half of the time. So she may feel happy, content, attracted and more importantly so she will actually want your dick.

Finchy x