My ethics were if its a healthy relationship I stay out. Many other PUA style guys tell me that unless its marrage its an open field. In any case, I was never interested in ruining a healthy relationship. But now that might change when the guy tries to call me out and fails.

First story... Last night before the party we hit a before party. My buddy ended up in the back room of this house within 5 minutes. A girl called him over, he said we are leaving right away, she said I NEED TO TALK, and we heard them slammmmming over the music. There was very few people in this place. The other girl was a 8 and the dude was a 4, 19 year old dude at that. When we arrived the girl I wanted let us in and was checking out my Peacock uniform. When she looked at me how could I have stopped her, got physical, all before entering the small party? My buddy told me that his friend was just nailing her so it was open. I froze expecting more women inside and didnt want to blow it. I should of went for her as soon as she was staring at me at first contact.

Second chance with the same girl. The guy goes to the bathroom and this girl is smoking a hookah. How could I have speed closed, got physical, or did something to either seal a number, or have her before a guy gets done in the bathroom? This is a challange I never attempted before bue now will overcome.

Last night I was at a club party. I joined some friends and noticed a nice looking girl sitting across from me but in my group. I didnt know her or her boyfriend. He gets up to go to the bathroom, I come over slam down next to her on the couch, lean back, and take up over half of it. Before you know it she is all over me, I push her away, with no intentions. I found out he is a real scum bag. He started acting all desperate when I was just trying to have a good time. She kept telling me how she was a good girl. I pushed her away and said we cant dance you are a good girl. She said "I dont have limits on myself". She told me to talk to him so he doesnt get mad as if she was trying to help me sarge her! Well I had no intention until this guy sees me down stairs. He starts giving me an attitude and at this point I think I will try to steal my first girl. He was really a jerk about it and I was not even dancing with her. Is this common? How to approach it? I seen the green light when he left. How can you close fast in these sitautions?