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Thread: Red Baron's Photo Close Routine

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    Default Red Baron's Photo Close Routine

    I've used this a few times to get a girl's number. Hadn't really thought of it as a routine at the time but here it is.

    This is not the traditional photo routine that style discusses, although elements can be incorporated.

    Also, this assumes you have a good smart phone with a camera, if you don't you're SOL

    So you're already hooked with a girl enjoying a good chat. She laughs at your joke or gives you some other IOI, I pull out my phone and say here I need a quick picture.
    I will pull up the camera without telling her, say it quick and lean in and take it (arms length shot). I make sure to put a big grin on my face and throw my arm around her or just put my face right up next to hers. The girl is rarely prepared and will make a funny face or look away or whatever.
    The girls screems, what the heck! Then she always asks to see the photo.
    Naturally you pull up the albums on your phone, make sure she sees you in photos with other girls (preselection triggers) (you don't have to pull them up if she sees the thumbnails while you are finding the picture it still helps). Then you pull up the photo, great opportunity to give her crap, "you look so silly what the heck do you call that look?!" (IOD). OK here let me get another one, this time definitly put your arm around her (KINO), go in and take a better shot. She will want to see it, show her, if you want you can challenge her to take one better one, good opportunity to tease. Regardless if thats the photo or not, when you get a good one - Ok that ones actually kinda cute (IOI reward for her compliance)- Here what's your number? I'll send that to you.

    I've only used this a few times but so far its worked flawless. You've just been toying with the girl and teasing her, then she's given in and complied with your requests which gives you permission to IOI her, and you have a reason to get her number because you're sending something to her on the spot.

    I do this midway through the interaction, you already have the number, the rest of the interaction you can have fun and work on bouncing with your wing or merging her set with yours to another venue.

    If you like the traditional photo routine you can run it right after from your phone - after you send the photo and you have other photos up, you can say oh here let me show you something, that you have on your phone right before it.
    (I'm not going into the traditional photo routine cuz its not mine, but you show pictures of yourself having fun and dhv)

    Overall this is a powerful easy Number Close and leaves it very open to add whatever you like to it.

    Enjoy and comment as you like
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    Default Re: Red Baron's Photo Close Routine

    Man... I need a iphone. lol
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