So I've pretty got my conversation down and as far as everything, I'm pretty much a dry humor kind of person. My problem is after getting a number of ioi's I'm dead in the water with Kino and flirting. After going to parties 3 nights in a row I've observed a number of things,... when people flirt it looks like something out of a shitty porno movie, girls who attend these parties have pretty much set an unsaid contract stating that they will go with it so long as certain demands are met, and I have no idea where to begin. Typically in my head I end up making fun of the people who "bust" moves, though I'm pretty sure they are getting laid and I'm not.

Question 1: How do I flirt with out looking like a total idiot, but without continuing to carry a normal conversation. What are some things that you would say?

Question 2: How the hell do I phase shift, after some quantity number of IOI's, do I just jump into it? Whats a good starter thing that I should do for phase shift?... arm around the shoulder is as far as I've gone, what can I do after that. AFC wise it feels like I"m forcing it on them, though as noted before it seems thats typical of everything as long as you meet their demands in the unsaid contract.

Question 3: If you are sucessful with number closing, which I am with about an 88 percent sucess rate (this means that I will also follow up with the next meet which always happens), what part of the first official date do you beggin to flirt, especially if you just met them for 20 minutes at some random place(which I've done a couple times this week). Especially because you don't know them well and you don't want to turn the date akward, whens an appropriate time to flirt and use kino? At what point do you K-close?, I'm guessing if Kino is sucessful its no problem to follow up with K-close, but for me I would have to stab myself in the leg to do it.

Thats it, thanks for any replys ... I don't mean to sound cynical or anything in this thread, but if corney or anything like that works then I need to change my paradigm.