6 great conversations starters

Do you want to have women entranced by your words? Or would you simply like a few ideas to break-the-ice with women.

Let’s face it, sometimes the toughest things to say to a woman are the first few words. -The conversation starters.

These are quick “small talk” topics that can quickly build attraction, which is a vital part of sexual Tension.

Now…Here are a few topics to talk with girls about, 5 great conversation starters that will help you talk to girls.

It can be pretty difficult to get a conversation started and keep it going. A failed conversation though, whether you are on a date, or just meeting a girl is a killer. You seem uninteresting, boring or perhaps it just shows that there is no real “chemistry” between you. A failed conversation is gives time for all those negative thoughts to creep in and no time for the “attraction” thoughts to build up.

A little bit of preparation and perhaps some confidence and ease with women, can clear the issue right up. When you are prepared however you are going to be able to start a conversation and keep the conversation following without difficulty. Conversations do not have to be painful any longer if you know some of the information below. Let’s now go on to talk about 5 great conversation starters.

Simple Introduction KISS! (Keep it Simple Stupid!)
Surprisingly enough, many people do not even think about a simple introduction. You could just simply go up to that person and say “Hi! I’m Jon”. You can talk to them, tell them what you are doing right now and ask them what they are doing and what is going on with them. This is something that is very easy and will wok surprisingly well. Girls that are interested will receive you warmly and encourage more conversation. Those that are not interested, might not have been interested anyway, even if you came up with a brilliant opener.

No Dinner with Smucks
If you have read any of my First Date Tips you should know my thoughts on having a dinner with a woman you do not have a comfort level with. Dinner is an awkward time. It brings too many preconceived notions and offers too many chances for screw-ups. But if you are at a restaurant and at a lose for something to say, you may consider going up to the person that is sitting by themselves and asking them what they are having for dinner.

This works especially well if you are at a restaurant that has a bar that serves food since you will not be invading their space like if they were at a booth. You are not in the “best spot” to meet and start talking to women, but you have a great way to start a conversation.

Common Interest:
Talking about common interests is the king of conversation pieces. When it comes to topics to talk with girls one of the most important things that you should do is try to find a common interest. Look at her and see if she has a sports team on that you like. Maybe you like the same sport. If you are in a niche market store you can always talk about whatever the focus of the store is. The hard part is to find the common interest quickly.

The secret is to find some reasons to make quick ‘snap’ judgments about the women you meet and try to use them as conversation starters. Things like location, dress, appearance, their friends (if there) and anything they are carrying or have with them. Sometimes these snap-judgments will be wrong, sometimes they won’t. The important thing is to get that conversation going and find that ground that IS COMMON quickly.

The Cat Lady:
If you have-and-like pets there is a wide-open door to talk to other pet owners. Pet owners are often passionate about their pets, and pet owners have a language almost their own, I am not sure why but I think it is in the pet owners code or something.

Even if you do not have the same kind of pet you have free reign to speak with other pet owners about their pets. You could compliment them on their pet, ask its name and how long they have had it etc. This is a great way to connect with their passion and also start up a conversation. Going out for walks in parks that allow pets is a good way to meet fellow pet owners.

Obviously if you are a 18-19 year old guy, throwing this out there could be like lobbing a grenade. But for any lady in her mid-twenties, this is a reasonable question. Do you have children? Simple.

There are plenty of single moms that come to the park. If you show interest in their children in a way that is not creepy you could actually get a pretty good reaction from the mother. Most mothers are more than happy to talk about how great their children are and what they can do. Just give them some time to open up and you will have a road paved to success.

Ignite Her Passions:
Mutual passions are better. You can lead her into it. You have a frame of reference and something to talk about, too. But there are many girls, this is not necessary for. try to find out what she is interested in. Ask a few questions try to find out more about the topic and then just hold on as she runs away with the conversation. Not all women are able to talk forever about their passions. But when you find one that does…give her the lead to get to it. You will seem wise and patient, just sitting there listening and learn far more from her than she does from you, which will keep you both mysterious and interesting in her eyes.

Get it done:
You lose 100% of the matches you do not compete in. You have a few (very basic) topics to talk with girls. Get out there and do it!

Find a place where you are comfortable and can meet the type of women you are interested in. When you are comfortable and confident you are going to have the best results. You do not just want any woman, you want the right woman for you and she is out there.

Once you begin to a conversation it is time to move into the “getting to know you” phase. Try not to come on too hot and heavy unless she leads the way. Just work to create a comfortable vibe between the two of you.