So there is chick i really like, We were introduced by a mutual friend.
I dont know if this is the right forum to ask. I really haven't taken a chick out in the past 5yrs. but i find my way around the dumb one which Im trying to resist my self from.

the problem is, every time i meet a chick i really like for her to be my GF, things kinda get bored during our conversion. like i get the awkward silence. but this never happens with hoes.

Back to the girl, my good mutual friend who is a extrovert, always brings this chick around apparently she just broke up with her boy friend who she was dating for about 3yrs and now she is single Beautiful girl, Smart holds 2 jobs GF material.
she is very well spoken and is not afraid to tell anyone off. she apparently broke up with her jewish bf because he cared more about his money than her.

So i got her BBM Pin and we start kinda charting this morning. I don't i don't really want to mess this one up, I'm tired of dumb ass broad all that all they want is sex. so i need help to see if I'm approaching her with the right direction.

so our conversation went like this..

me. Don't be shy to say "hi' to you new friend.

her. Lol Hiiiiiiiii sorry i didnt msg u back last nite iw as sleeping how are you? (this was 7 in the morning.)

me (replied at noon when i got up) Awesome! Happy that early in the day, it sounds like someone had a good night sleep.

her. Lol yes i work early.

so i went in with a bit of tease.. (she holds 2 jobs)

me Ahh so that's the secret to you natural beauty, ill keep that in mind, ill love to see working with only 4hour sleep Smile

her. been there don't that lol

that was about an hour ago, i was really hoping for hook to use at this point but i got nothing. so to all ya gamers did i blow it, i really don't want to be in the friends zone. What do i do from here.

thanks for reading guys appreciate all the help for guy who really need someone to share his life experience.