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    Default How To Sexually Approach A Girl Sitting In The Bus?

    Hey guys,

    Imagine that you're just entering a crowded bus and just before you get on the bus you see that beautiful girl who you'd like to approach.

    Also imagine that you are now approaching her within 3 seconds (keeping to the 3 second rule), but you start feeling kind of weird and uncomfortable not knowing how to best approach her because of the following reasons:

    1) She's sitting down at the moment you come up to her and aer about to say something to her while you are squeezed among other passengers in this crowded bus and have to keep standing up.

    2) How to best get rid of your possible Approach Anxiety thing in this specific situations? Because you might be thinking like me: "Is this really the right moment and the right place to approach her?"

    On one side, personally I kind of feel weird and uncomfortable approaching her in this specific situation mostly because of all the other people around me that could clearly watch, listen to and observe my every move with that girl.

    And, on the other side, I'm kind of thinking that even if she likes me, she also might be feeling uncomfortable to start chatting with a stranger on the bus because of all the other people listening to and watching us.

    Just wondering if you could share any of your successful approaches to beautiful girls and women who happen to be sitting in a crowded bus or other means of public transport while you can't sit close to or next to them because there're no available seats.

    I guess that this situation is all about getting out of your comfort zones.

    Surely I should try to squat so that I make our eyes level before I start a conversation.
    But, let's say that she very positively responds to your approach and you start chatting. Now, at some point you want to turn the chat into a sexual chat or situation.

    My main question is: How would you go about overcoming your possible sexual anxiety or fear of starting talking sexual with her in this crowded bus where many people can comfortably hear and listen to your every word?

    Guys, I thank you very much in advance.

    3 sec seducer

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    Default Re: How To Sexually Approach A Girl Sitting In The Bus?

    I have only chatted up a girl on the bus once, and we were both seated. I simply said "hey there" and when she said hi back I said "sorry, I just thought you looked interesting I figured I'd talk to you."

    And we had a decent chat, I didn't go for the Number Close but I probably could have. I also could have tried a situational or opinion opener. Maybe like "hey that's a cool scarf" or "you ever notice how everyone on the bus always has headphones on, nobody ever socializes."

    But to answer your question, I am of the opinion that public pickup like this requires comfort. And standing over someone, or talking through a crowd of people is uncomfortable. Ever been seated at a table looking up at someone standing--it's awkward isn't it?

    So in short:
    -if she is standing on the bus, stand next to her and talk to her.
    -if she is seated, take a seat next to her.

    Otherwise it is going to be an uphill battle. Give it a shot next time and post on the "field report" section and tell us how it went.


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