Since getting back into the Game after a few years, I've noticed there seems to have been a split in the fundamental theories within the Community in my absence. When I first got into the Community, Style with Annihilation Method and Mystery's Venusian Arts were in vogue. There were dozens of PUAs with their own styles but they all seemed based on the same fundamentals. Now though, there seems to be this bifurcation of the Community into the classical Ross Jeffries, Style, Mystery, etc. camp and a newer form of pickup based around two or more personality profiles for women with different tactics and stratagem for each ala Vin Dicarlo's pandora's box and Mr. L Rx's Dating to Relating. The whole basis of this new camp seems to run counterpoint to the tenets of classic game which bases itself around acting on any woman's reproductive instincts to bypass her defenses.

So what are your thoughts on this. Is there such a chasm between these two theories that they cannot coexist within a single PUA's repertoire or are these newer styles just more information and research that we can all internalize and work into our own particular styles? Is there anyone here who has field tested both theories who can objectively compare them? I'm just interested in the rest of the Community's opinions about this all. Happy Holidays to all my fellow Community members. Wildcat Out.