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    Cool Using Facebook To Meet More Women

    Do you know that a growing number of guys are using their Facebook account in order to reach more women and start dating them? Are you doing that? If consequently, what is your accomplishment rate?

    If your primary success rate is low and you simply are often being ignored by women you are contacting, then you should be aware of that you may get playing this dating game the wrong manner. If that is the situation, this article will demonstrate how to increase ones chances tremendously in getting together with women using Facebook.

    1st rule, contact only women who are available. Females who say that in their profiles are likely interested in meeting men for dates or wish to make new friends. By doing it in this way you won't be wasting your time and energy contacting women who won't even reply to you much less want to consider meeting you.

    Let's proceed. Now, if you are set on getting women interested within you, go and make ones Facebook profile interesting and outstanding. Post smart photographs with yourself and interesting places you've got been. This is in order for women to choose people over other men who are also trying to connect with them.

    Look, you have only your profile plus your messages to make the woman's decide whether she wishes to reply you, so exploit out of this. If your profile must shows that you are a fun and interesting guy whom every girl wants to meet, after that yes, girls may wish to meet you, won't these people?

    Yes, I know that men are creatures of sight and the first thing we check will end up pictures of her and to many men, the pictures alone will make them want to get hold of her without reading her profile in any respect. You must read her profile because you will need to discover her interests, hobbies and also the other things about the woman's. Note that you dont want to come out as a weird persona so even if you know everything about the girl you like, My tip is not to come out to strong...just ease in it.The internet on her profile may then be used as subjects of conversation rather than just writing to her like most other would with an individual liner that says,

    You: Hey You!
    Her: Who are you?
    You: Thats quite a philosophical question isnt it?
    Her: Yeah...i guess / I dont know
    You: Do you live in ?
    Her: Yeah
    You: well....
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    Default Re: Using Facebook To Meet More Women

    in my opinion, you dont need to read anything except if shes "in a relationship or single" and "interested in: MEN" :P.. it very simple and i usually can get numbers within a 5-15minute range of chatting.. all you have to do is just talk to like 5 strangers at once and most prob like 3 will respond back. if they do, continue the small chat etc, say you gotta go, ask her num and you wanna meet with her sometime, then just start the Text Game

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