Before reading this bare in mind every opener has a risk, this ones risk, it can put you close to the"friend zone" but a good PUA can compensate if you know what your doing. friend zone is something that happens by accident, if you know this puts you close to it, i advise stepping up. with this opener its a quick start into rappore if done right, and its hard to do wrong, worst case your just a worried individual and it gives you an open for later which i shall explain later.

The Worry opener

A simple opener that can be complicated if you want it to be, find a less talkative girl, or indeed any women as everyone deals with worry in some way,(welcome cold reading)

you - "hey, you ok? you dont look to good" - straight away you've made her conciouse of her looks, if shes quite attractive this may be considered a neg but for the purposes of the opener it isnt.

her"huh? what you mean?" - if she wasnt worring before she is now

you - " yeah i can see i t in your smile, you can tell when someoens forcing one becasue of the shape it makes" - enter the U/C shape smile opener if you wish carry on through the stages,

now some PUA's are happy their, you've opened her and now can carry on to another opener and another and another till the hook point is gained. but you can carry this one if your into your further reading

you : "yeah you cant ell by the smile if its forced or not, it is ashame to see someone feel like that, i used to feel bad too but i woke up one day and decided 'fuck it im fixing this' that was ages ago now iv never been happier, dont let anything bother me!" - empathising with her problems you connect yourself with her, put yourselves in the same boat, obvisouly you see how this opener can now be considered a friendzone risk

her: i expect if its going well she normal complies either tells you about it or asks about your deal , if she doesnt carry on

youheres where further reading comes in) as you now give her some basic stress less tips, but thats not the point of the opener, point is, if you've got to this point, shes hooked, after 1opener, she now wants to hear what you have to say becasue it benifits her

now i hate walls of text as much as the next PUA but heres alittle but more on the opener as to why it works. just if like me you want to kno w why something works so you can apply it to your own game in your own ways. no one likes a script.
1: that you look genuinly worrieda bout her doesnt put you in the"hitting on you list" sheilds wont be high but still will be up. and if she doesnt answer or ignores you, you dont look like a twat becasue you were just checking up on someone, if anything she looks bad for ignoring you.
2: relating to her doesnt make her feel like shes an outcase phrases like" oh i was the same" or "id feel the same in your situation" are golden
3: becasue you seamed to hvae sussed out she was sad (even if she didnt look sad) seams to ahve given you some power of insight that no one else seams to posess, when rather they would just ignore a sad person even if they couldnotice it, this is a marvousless opertunity to use any number of openers based on emotions of the mind - kokology, palm reading, empathy, etc etc
4:now dont worry about if she is or isnt worried becasue EVERYONE is worrieda but something infact just saying" you look worried" will put her in a state of worry and make her blow any minor worry's into her mind becasue she now thinks"what can he see?!"
5:If at any time you lose it or she wnats you to go, thats fine! you were just looking out for someone and if you didnt ocme on too strong you wont look even the slightest bit bad! just a nice guy looking out for someone else so theres no need for aa fake time constraint ."well aslong as your ok" can be your get out of jail free card

- beware using it too many times in the same club

now iv feild tested this and it does work but i still want feed back, at least let me know how good it is haha!