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    Default first real approach ever

    just had my first approach, want to put it down so maybe in a couple years i can look back and laugh at myself

    i went to the mall today with a goal of approaching 3 girls, walk into a big department store and see HB4(dont really know how to rate yet i guess) working the counter.

    i googled some stuff on direct openers yesterday and just decided to go with one of those so i waited until she finished taking care of some customers and then i walk up when nobody was around

    me:excuse me can i ask you a question
    her : sure
    me: are you single?
    her: haha yeah
    me: well i dont want to bother you since you are working but do you want to give me ur number and maybe someday we can do something?(my voice was breaking a little here haha)
    her: uhm sure
    and then wrote it down
    me: k ill see you later then

    then i walked out of the mall with a retarded looking grin on my face haha

    my questions are what is my next step now? im thinking i just read about game 2īs and take it from there? even if i screw up atleast ill learn something

    and what would be a good goal to set in terms of approaching from now on? im thinking 3 people per day on average including just normal people like guys and stuff.

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    Default Re: first real approach ever

    I would first practise approaching more and post them just like you did this one. Also, read more theory.

    As for this approach:
    -You showed a lot of courage by approaching direct
    -Don't apologise. Ever. No excuse me's unless you happen to bump into someone or hurt someone.
    -Remember that she WANTS your attention because you're a fun person and going to make her smile. So no 'I don't want to bother you'
    -Make concrete plans (let's do something sometime is extremely vague).
    -You'll have to talk to most girls more and build up comfort and some rapport to get their numbers.

    There are some mistakes here but overall it's good because you showed courage and did your best. Very nice job.

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