As a young business student, I was always fascinated with two things: social dynamics and economics. Doing my journeys as a PUA I have noticed many similarities between economics and picking up girls. As surprising as the analogy seems, the basic premise of allocating resources (people), in markets (seduction and field settings) grounded by market forces (value, social proof, similarities) runs parallel to how resources are divided in society.

The first and most relevant affect in economics is the differentiation affect: people are attracted to things, which are different, or people that stand out from the mass of generically 'branded', guys that use the same lines, approach, and technique as the rest. Just as most people have got used to ignoring advertisements, women have developed their own defence mechanism to combat this sea of bore: indifference. If you act, sound and dress generically you will automatically be placed in the same valueless cesspit of guys that told her eyes were cute.

Positioning yourself in a convincing way (read: not too good to be true), with personality, flaws and an 'edge', is the only way to consistently pick up high value women. Fortunately, if you are an adherent of natural game, most of these things will come automatically instead of 'trying', to be different, 'trying', to make her like you and 'trying', to be something you are not! (Trying is for losers. keep it effortless)

The affect of differentiation is also observed in men. I was sitting in a cafe one day and a group of young Asian girls came past on a field trip. Typically, of Asians they all seemed to look the same – except one. This girl had bright blue hair, not particularly any more attractive or better dressed than the other females, but for some reason I could not take my eyes off her. It was the differentiation affect at work; just by having a stupid neon hair colour it completely distracted me from the other females within her group.

However, differentiation by itself is not enough; you must be congruent with being different in order for the affect to be 'real to her'. Let me explain: look at the affect that peacocking has on women, if you walk into a bar with a big white cowboy hat and snakeskin jeans women WILL approach you and start giving you shit. You have displayed value through differentiation, but they want to know if it is just a show or if you really do the balls to go out in public looking so ridiculous. If you pass the test, her attraction will be amplified tenfold, if you do not, then you are going to be the biggest loser in the bar, a pariah, an outcast. The differentiation affect in pick up amplifies the affect of social proof, negative or positive.

People are attracted to people that stand out because they immediately convey a sense of novelty, which implies strength. Assuming we evolved from small tribal societies in today's world, if you violated social norms and genericism it signalled you were either attempting to overthrow the dominant male in the progeny, or that you were of such low value you were not permitted to join the tribe. Either way it sparks people's curiosity, giving you a free 10-20 second window of opportunity to make a good impression. If you are wondering how good looking guys fit into this analogy it is the same as above, good looking guys might find the 10-20 second 'interview', stage of the pick up a little easier, everything after that is 100% game and intent.

Okay, so enough of the nerd talk. How do you naturally differentiate yourself competing for the same girls in a club or bar? The secret, as clichéd as it might seem, is to simply be yourself, but be your best self. What I mean is that you need to be 100% in alignment with who you actually are as a male, your values, your sense of entitlement and individualism. There is no magic trick or line that you can use, and peacocking does help. However, if you want to focus on long-term success with high value girls that you choose to keep in your life, the only path you can take is the road, which leads you closer to your core masculinity. Remember, it is not what you say that counts; it’s how you say it, and how in alignment with your words and your thoughts you appear to be.

Guys that approach girls with the sole intent of trying to pick them up without adding any value to the interaction DESERVE to be shot down. They are attempting to rob them of something, not only do they not have PERSMISSION from the girl to act like this; they also are clearly not in ALIGNMENT with what they are saying. They think, they deliberate, and they run through a thousand different outcomes in their heads before they make their move. They are trying to be strategic, to be sneaky, and to be manipulative. All of these tactics are designed to form a ONE WAY VALUE SUCKING relationship with the girl, and on an unconscious level the girl realizes this so his approach gets SNUBBED, like a wet cigarette beneath her stilettoed heel.

The only way to become closer to who you are is through experience, and in pick up this means being shot down countless times. Every rejection, every girl that did not give you a chance and every bitchy cockblock is going to slowly, and painfully peel back the layers of ego to reveal the acres of diamonds that lay dormant under a thin veneer of excuses, projection and bullshit rationalizations. A true alpha is someone that differentiates himself automatically; his reality has been forged through a hellfire of pain, of rejection, of disillusionment. Through this struggle, he has become cognizant of who is, of what he values, in an unapologetic fevor to take what he wants.

In the long term, the hot girls will end up with the alpha guys, and the ugly girls will end up with the beta guys. It is a beautiful example of economics at play, something that is truly fair to those who desire not to be second best, but to live their lives carried by the spirit of their own intentions.

Go out, live your lives, discover who you are. Let picking up girls naturally become an afterthought in your abundant lives.