It's taken me a very long time to realize this, so I hope you guys pay attention lol. I'm gonna improve your game a lot by the end of this message.

If you're in the states (I can't speak for abroad, this only applies to the queens of the bitchy women - American women) and you are currently going to Nightclubs to meet women (Disco type Clubs, not lounges,) and you're trying to use verbal game YOU ARE F%$^&ing UP.

Go direct. Go direct. Go direct. Did I mention... Go direct?

Have you ever noticed how those choady goofball drunk losers in the club walk up to women super aggressively and actually end up dancing with women? Yeah, me too. So stop trying to run good verbal game. It won't work. If you're at a club with a patio, then by all means, run good game. But if you're inside, don't waste your tme trying to get conversation going.

That's why real players DON'T GO TO CLUBS. They go to lounges. Somewhere they can actually run a routine. If you DO happen to be out clubbing with "Drunk and Hot Girls" as Kanye would say in a Club where you can't hear shit. Just go direct as follows. Act like you are the shit, but still kinda smiling. You know how David D says cocky and funny? THAT SH** ONLY WORKS IN LOUNGES AND DAYGAME. Or on the patio lol. DONT try to be a funny routine runner around a bunch of drunk girls who wanna party hard. Most likely they just want you to have enough balls to take them home. Trust me.

And if you haven't learned by now from the real players... don't even waste your time going to clubs for the most part. Go somewhere where you can run real, solid game, and run routines. Go to lounges, not clubs. But next time you are in a club and you see a cute girl at the bar and theres loud music, look her straight in her eye with a cocky half smile and super confident and walk right over to her. Direct wins here.