Hey everyone,

I thought this is the appropriate forum section to post this, but if I've mistaken my apologies. So as I was going through a few of the PUA materials I've gathered I kept coming across the term "Chick Crack". Chick Crack for those who don't know means stories, games, tests, psychic readings etc that keep interest and build rapport. I think I've found another good piece, but it can't be used beyond the home sadly.

I am living in residence at university and came across magnetic story builders while in the bookstore. I thought it could be good for a laugh, so I picked up the box of Romance Novel ones and started putting them on my dry erase board. After creating a rather ridiculous story I left them for a while and did not expect the reaction. Girls from my floor, girls from other residences, and their friends have complimented me on the warped tales, constantly build their own, and flock to see the new ones. I don't know if this will be of aid to any of you, but it has been a hell of an ice breaker.

Cheers and best of luck to you all.