Hello guys,
I started to actually learn strategies, DHVs, games, routines etc. to build up the game after improving the way i talk, the way i walk etc. I started having a lot of fun in parties, meeting new people in streets. But the problem was, I would usually suck at it, so I went back to see what I am doing wrong. So, I started everything over by making them into challenges. I wrote about my blog in the signature field. I would like to hear your responses and help me out. I cannot find anybody where people have the passion to go through the whole process and become a pua. They wanna see the result from the first day and get pissed when nothing is happening. But I still work on this big self improvement with all the successes and sometimes getting nowhere. So, I really need you guys help. You guys are as passionate about it as I am.

So, here is my model. I am making daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. Its working for me for now but I would like to know that, the way I go about it is good.