We need to stop worrying about saying the right thing or keeping a conversation going as women really don't want men who talk a lot.

A lot of pick up focuses on conversation and getting the right lines across though it contradicts with what women are saying, most of my research comes from women, if you want to learn about attracting women then go to the source is what I think and there is enough advice out there.

Women want you to talk less than you think, they don't want you to say nothing but they prefer you to listen and pay attention. Women like a challenge, they like mysterious but how can you be this when you are too busy talking about yourself. Lead conversations but don't dominate them.

One article I read said that a woman should speak 75% of the time and the man 25%, the article was written by a woman and there is a common theme that runs through it, women want to work you out, they want to explore and discover, don't give them the map to the treasure, let them find it out over time.