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Dating Tips for The Modern Man
New 12-27-2010 04:28 PM
Bill Preston

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You may not like to hear this but the world of dating has definitely changed. For people who grew up in the 80s, dating was always about a very formal procedure. If you saw a girl you were interested in dating, there was a standard set of steps you would date in order to date her. And the thing is Ė every single guy out there followed these steps. It wasnít unique. It wasnít memorable. It just was the way things were. It was, in many ways, a lot easier back then.

If you saw a cute girl, you didnít even have to impress her with conversation or try to woo her, you basically would just walk up to her and say hello and then ask her if she wanted to go out sometime.

There was no such thing as a Pick Up Artist. She would give you her number and you would say thank you and walk away. It was quick and fairly painless. Then you would call her.

Again, the conversation would be short: Iíll pick you up at 7 p.m. on Friday. After that, you just figured out what restaurant to take her to and looked in the newspaper for a movie schedule. Easy as pie. It was what everyone did.

But hereís the thing: If you tried that now, the girl would think you were crazy. At the very least she would think you were old-fashioned and at the worst, that you were strange.

Hereís how it works nowadays. You have to work to convince her that you are worthy of getting her phone number. Just walking up to her and asking for it is never going to work. You have to have some techniques down. Here are some things to remember when dating a modern woman:

* Have a polished image. Look clean and halfway stylish

* Learn some techniques that make it easy to start a conversation with a stranger. Learn How To Flirt

* Have a good sense of humor. Be able to laugh at yourself

* Get some self-confidence. Take time to recognize your good qualities and what makes you unique

* Figure out clever ways to get her phone number. My favorite is asking to see her phone and then putting your number in it, telling her you are going to call her later.

* Learn how to text and make this a communication method.
But do it right. Keep it short and witty for the most part.

* Research fun places to go in your neighborhood for a date

* Make sure they are places conducive to good conversation and intimacy, where you can have deep and private conversation if it goes there. (In other words, a loud sports bar is not ideal.)

* Have a big, active social circle so you are always having a good time with or without a girl around. This makes you very attractive, as a side benefit.

* Make sure you treat every woman you come across with honesty and integrity. It will serve you well in the long run.

Article By Bill Preston


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