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Five Signs That She’s Damaged Goods
New 09-13-2011 05:48 PM
Bill Preston

pua article adFive signs she’s damaged goods

There are two types of women, those who have healthy self-esteem, and those who don’t.

When you meet a woman who doesn’t have healthy self esteem, you have two choices, make a commitment to help her gain self confidence, knowing it could very well be a losing battle, or walk away.

Dating someone with low self-esteem is usually painful for both partners and can even cause you to lose a measure of your own confidence. Relationships like this can end up being poisonous and difficult to extract yourself from.

People will low self esteem will often try to bring others down with them. They will poison the relationship with anger, constantly worry about you going out to meet girls, and blaming you for everything.

They will demand constant attention and still not be satisfied.

Here are five signs that someone might be dangerously lacking in self-esteem and might be damaged goods:

1. Wants to know every move you make. You know the type, wants to know where you went, whom you were with, and what you did. This is not only exhausting to be around, but is unhealthy. She wants an account of every minute of every day and punishes you if you don’t comply.

2. Won’t let you have other relationships. This type of woman starts criticizing your friendships and encouraging you to find reasons to end the relationships. She professes to do so because she thinks the people aren’t good for you, when in reality, they threaten her. She will try to pick them off one by one until they are all gone. Pretty soon, you’ll be left isolated and alone, just like she wants you to be.

3. Jealous to an extreme. This is the type of girl who views every other female from 18 to 88 as a threat to you and your relationships. The green-eyed monster transforms her into her own goblin. She might even be jealous of your mother. Anyone who gets your attention or love and loyalty she perceives as a direct threat and will set out to destroy that threat.

4. Demands all of your time and energy. This woman expects that every spare second you aren’t sleeping or at work should be spent with her. In fact, if she had your way, you wouldn’t even leave her to go to work. She resents anything that takes up your time, even reading a book or watching football. She wants to be the center of attention and the center of your world.

5. Takes more than gives. This woman is a taker, not a giver. She is stingy with her smiles, her love, her money, her time, her affections, and so on. She wants you to give her your heart and soul, but doesn’t give anything back in exchange.

If you see any of these warning signs or red flags, you’d best be on your way. This type of woman is only going to leave you miserable and maybe even heartbroken. There are millions of girls in the world to date, so go find another one right now.

Article By Bill Preston


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