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How To Pick Up Women and Get A Date
New 10-31-2011 09:39 AM
Bill Preston

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How To Pick Up Women And Get a Date

Men often think that the biggest hurdle in meeting and learning how to attract women is having a strategy to get her phone number. Not true. The larger hurdle is getting her to meet you somewhere for the first time. You can call it a date, a meeting, or a hook up, but unless that happens, having her phone number is essentially useless.

The best way to set up that first meeting between you and a girl is to already have plans to do something or be somewhere and then just tell her she can come or meet up with you there. Here are some greats ways to arrange that first meeting:

• Tell her that you and a bunch of friends are going to check out this local band on Saturday night and it’s going to be super cool and she should bring a friend and meet you there.

• Invite her to join you for a cup of coffee at a local café. Say you have to study, or catch up on work, but would enjoy a break if she stopped by. Tell her you can spare about thirty minutes to meet with her. Make sure you have homework or work or something else to keep you busy. Look busy when she arrives. If she doesn’t arrive, that is fine, you can enjoy your cup of coffee and croissant and maybe talk to some other cute girl at the café. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to make that part of your plan. You can casually engage in conversation with the other girl, not mentioning that you are meeting someone. When the first girl arrives, it will raise your social value in the café girl’s eyes. If you keep it casual, no harm, no foul, right?

• Ask her to meet you and your friends for a drink at the local bar. You can say you’ll be watching the game there and she is welcome to bring along friends. Remember, when you tell her to bring along a friend or two it accomplishes a few things. It takes the whole scary, nerve-wracking concept of a date, right off the table. She will most likely be more comfortable if she has a friend along. It also keeps her wondering if you like her for more than a friend or are just throwing out a casual invitation to her. Again, when she arrives, make sure you are having a good time with your pals. It also wouldn’t hurt to include some of the women in your social circle in this outing. It will make her wonder and show that you have women in your life.

You are accomplishing a few different things with this method. You are showing that you have an active social life. You are showing that you are a fun guy who likes to do interesting things. You are showing that you have friends. You are showing that your mood, life, emotions do not revolve around whether she meets you there or not. You are showing that you have a great life already without her and that you are inviting her to be a part of it, at least for this one moment in time.

Article By Bill Preston


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