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Real Women Want Real Men
New 10-20-2011 01:16 PM
Bill Preston

pua article adReal Women Want Real Men

It’s the eternal question for every single guy out there: What do women really want. And the answer is complicated and yet simple at the same time: women want real men.

So just what is a real man? A real man is one who embodies alpha male traits and is able to naturally attract women.

But here’s the thing: too many men think being an alpha male is equivalent to being an ass. That is not true. Alpha male characteristics include being a provider, taking charge, having confidence, and being a leader. The characteristics of a jerk include being a show off, being bossy, being insensitive, and being self-centered. The two types of men are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Sure there are some great alpha males who might have a few too many jerk characteristics rolled into their alpha male one. And there are plenty of jerks out there that also have some of the more positive traits of an alpha male in their personality as well.

The key is to look at it as if these behaviors were on a scale with a needy, supplicating wimp on one side and a total jerk on the other. The true alpha male finds a nice spot right in the middle. He is not a wimp who tries to hard to impress a girl and he is not an ass. He is a man with male traits.

What are some of these traits and how do you adopt them? Well, first off, let me remind men that improving yourself in life is always is going to take some work. If it comes easy, it probably isn’t worth it. Anything worth having is worth working for. So, it might take a little effort and it might not always come easy, but it will be worth it in the end. If you feel like these behaviors are so far from where you are and at first seem unnatural, then remember this catchphrase: “Fake it until you make it.”
In other words, put on this behavior even if it feels false and like acting, until it becomes natural and a part of you.

Here are two ways to assert your alpha maleness:

1. Set boundaries. This applies to so many areas of a relationship. It involves not tolerating women who are chronically tardy. It means stating what behavior is acceptable and what is a deal breaker for the women you date. It involves not putting up with being treated disrespectfully. It covers a whole gamut of behavior. Do some brainstorming and list on paper your boundaries and expectations and then make sure every woman in your life adheres to them. If a woman doesn’t, then it is time to move on. Note: you may want to run your list by an objective friend or two first to see if what you are asking or expecting is realistic.

2. Constantly make efforts to improve your self-confidence and then once you have it at a high level, make efforts to maintain it. In other words, if you are with a woman and notice that being with her is chipping away at your self esteem, you need to remind yourself that your self confidence is more important than a woman and you need to find another relationship that actually builds your esteem rather than diminishes it.

Follow these two tips alone and you will find you are more of an alpha male than ever before.

Article By Bill Preston


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