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Seduction Community Supports Women
New 09-09-2010 11:11 AM
Bill Preston

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The other day a friend of mine sent me an email saying his wife was running in the Susan G. Komen race to raise money for breast cancer. It just so happens that another mutual friend of ours has a mother who is currently undergoing treatment for this scary disease.

A decision was made by my friend that his wife would wear this womanís name on her t-shirt and dedicate her run to this mutual friendís mother.

A mass email was sent out to dozens of members of the seduction community Ė those men who teach other men how to meet and pick up women. The response was mind boggling. The support for women with breast cancer and the support to find a cure for breast cancer was impressive. Men were not hesitating to donate $500, even $1,000, to this worthy cause.

Within a few moments, my friendís wife was one of the top earners in the donation race in her state. And only a small portion of the emails had been seen at that point. Who knows what the final tally ended up being. All I know is that members of the seduction community impressed the heck out of me.

This just goes to prove that men working in the seduction community are lovers of women not misogynists as some ignorant people might erroneously assume. What a completely wrong stereotype. Outsiders might mistakenly think the seduction community is out to exploit women or use women in ways that are not good for women.
Nothing could be farther than the truth.

While it must be said there are a few bad eggs out there, the large majority of men teaching pick up artist skills, place a huge emphasis on their students acting with respect, honesty and integrity in all their dealings with women. It is all about learning how to be the best person you can be so you can attract quality women into your life. Many men learning pick up artist skills are ultimately seeking the woman of their dreams whom they can one day make into their wife.

A lot of what is taught in the seduction community is how to make your own life so wonderful that you donít need a partner in it, but want one. It is that difference between want and need. Where you want a women to enhance the life you already have. By living a great life, you also become extremely attractive to everyone you meet. The majority of pick up artists are teaching men how to improve their lives so they can become the best men they can be so that when they meet their dream girls they are at the bet they can be and can offer a woman they best of themselves.

I think that any opportunity that can be taken to show people out there that the members of the seduction community are really upstanding guys and gals should be taken.

This pouring forth of monetary support for women fighting breast cancer and for a race for the cure is only one demonstration of that respect.

Article By Bill Preston


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