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She Really Wants a Latte
New 11-10-2010 01:27 PM
Bill Preston

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Now many guys in the pick up artist community talk about day game versus night game and what is better. Really, what is better is whatever works.

Hereí something that will guarantee you a conversation with a woman.
The next time you are at the coffee shop buy the coffee of the woman in line behind you.

You think women want you to buy them a drink? Maybe. However, what they want more is a coffee in the morning. Moreover, it is unexpected. Women are not used to guys buying them a coffee. It is unusual, creative, and thoughtful.

In addition, it may be a little confounding. In my part of town, people in the drive through line often pay for the coffee of the person in the car behind them as a way of paying it forward. It is seen as a gesture of goodwill at the least and at the most, a symbol of religious generosity. Many people know about this pay it forward at the coffee shop drive through line, as well.

Therefore, if you pay for the coffee of the woman behind you, she will be a bit bewildered about your motives. Because she wonít exactly know why you did it, she will be curious about you. This will help lead to a conversation. In addition, you will be extremely nonthreatening to speak to because she wonít know whether you are making a gesture to pick her up or just acting out of the goodness of your heart.

She will not know and therefore, her guard will be down. She will be more willing to talk to you if she isnít worried about you trying to pick her up.

The important thing is to keep it casual. She has the expectation that it will be casual and this is why she is open to you speaking to her. You are nonthreatening, you don't appear to be a PUA and she has no problem taking the time to thank you for your courtesy and generosity.

Now, hereís a word of warning. If she doesnít immediately engage in conversation with you, do not despair. Believe me; a woman who hasnít had her caffeine yet in the morning may take a while to warm up. Just like a man who relies on coffee to wake up wonít be as receptive to conversation. Therefore, if she just gives you a smile and brief thank you. Donít leave with your tail between your legs. Instead, find a seat close, but not too close, to where she is sitting. Raise your cup to her and toast her if she meets your eye. Sit close enough where it would not be an effort to engage in conversation, but not so close that it is threatening or creepy.

Give her a bit of time. Look busy but occasionally catch her eye and smile. Maybe read the paper or call a friend on the phone. However, donít leave. If she gets up to leave first then by all means smile at her and tell her to have a good day. If she does walk out the gameís not over yet. Make a note of the day and time and make sure are there the next Tuesday at 9 a.m. but this time get there a bit early and see if she shows and this time donít buy a coffee but just say a pleasant hello.

I know this sounds far fetched and crazy, but this exact scenario is how my sister met her husband. Go figure.

Article By Bill Preston


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