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Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips
New 12-07-2011 02:54 PM
Bill Preston

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Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #1
1. Use the phone for one reason and one reason only: to set up a face-to-face meeting. So many things can get fouled up or misunderstood during phone conversations and particularly during texting conversations, so the best rule of thumb is to only use the phone to make contact to arrange a meeting. Once you’ve been dating a woman for a while, you can ease up on this rule, but stick to it firmly in the beginning.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #2
2. When you call a girl and she’s not there, do not leave a drawn out message blabbing about your day and how you’d like to talk to her and how you thought she was really cute the other night when you met her and so on. Instead, say this: “Hey, this is Bob. We met the other night at Jack’s Party. Give me a call.” Then hang up.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #3
3. Go in for the kiss on the first date. I’m not talking about when you meet her for thirty minutes to have a cup of coffee. I mean the first time you spend any significant amount of time together. If you don’t go in for a kiss, you’ve already blown it and are at risk of being thrown into the “friend zone.”

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #4
4. Date five women at a time. Until you find the girl you want to marry, I suggest you keep a revolving rotation of five women you regularly date. If one of them blows it, say flakes on you, then you just move her out of your top five and put someone else in there. This not only prevents you from getting “one-it is” but also helps you keep things in perspective.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #5
5. Be a busy guy. Always have plans. Let the women in your life know you are already having a great time and you’ve just decided to let them in on the fun. Make this a reality.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #6
6. Be honest and act with dignity and integrity. That means don’t ever lie about your feelings or try to mislead someone. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Your karma will thank you.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #7
7. During your first meeting, do something more unique and creative than dinner and a movie. This way you immediately show you are different than many guys out there.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #8
8. Set high standards and strong boundaries. This means not tolerating behavior that is unacceptable to you, such as lying. For you, it might be refusing to date someone who is chronically late. Stick to your guns.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #9
9. Make a fearless self-inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Resolve to work on any weaknesses that Take Away your joy in life.

Ten Best Dating & Flirting Tips #10
10. Make a list of qualities you want in your ideal woman. Put them in two categories. The first list should have qualities she must have. The second list should have qualities you would prefer she had.

Article By Bill Preston


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