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Texting Tips Worth Remembering
New 08-30-2011 05:56 PM
Bill Preston

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Too many guys continuously blow it by texting a girl something lame. Then they wonder why they never hear from the girl again. Letís revisit some of the basic rules of texting here in this article.

The whole dating game has changed and unless you know what you are doing, it is better to set down your phone until you figure it out. There are a lot of great tips out there on how to text a girl, you just have to take the time to read them.

You have to count on any attractive woman on the single scene meeting dozens of men all the time who are getting her phone number and texting her witty, interesting things. If you remember that you are just one of the masses, you need to be sure you donít blow it when you send her a text.

Here are some basic, simple rules that men would do best to remember:

1. Donít be overeager. What I mean by that is donít rush to respond to her every text with a reply. This is not a conversation and you are trying to keep up your side of it, like you would in person. You are not using text messages to impress her with your conversational skills. Texting is a whole different ball game. Take some deliberate time between responding to her texts. You look needy and wimpy if you immediately respond to every text she sends.

2. Break it off first. Along the same lines as the advice above not to be too eager, try to frequently be the one who does not respond at all. If she is interested, she will shoot you a text wondering if you received her last one. Donít be stubborn and hold out for days though. She might have thought you completely blew her off, so if you donítí respond and havenít heard from her for a day or two, shoot her another text, either picking up where you left off or saying youíve been very busy. This creates intrigue and curiosity and lets her know that you have a life.

3. Unless you are already intimate save any dirty talk for when you are physically together. It just gets weird otherwise. If she initiates it, you can play along, but only for a text or two and say youíd rather say those things in her ear instead of typing them.

4. If you have a boring life or are bored save that for your diary. Donít text her something unless it is interesting. You can say you are watching TV, which is boring and doesnít initiate a conversation or you can say you are stoked to watch some X file reruns and you think Skully is hot. The second example gives her an opportunity to respond and is much more interesting. For instance, she might say she hates the X Files or that Skully is funny looking or she might just agree with you. Either way, you are more interesting that way.

Article By Bill Preston


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