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Three Tricks To Meet Women
New 07-23-2011 02:54 PM
Bill Preston

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Three Tricks to Meet Women

The girl is gorgeous. She has a megawatt smile and looks like someone who is just your speed. She’s been sitting at a sidewalk table reading a book and drinking a coffee and now you see she is packing up her things and getting ready to leave.

In a few moments, she’ll be gone and you may have lost your chance to meet her. For all you know, you will never see her again. You madly scroll through the ways you’ve met women in the past and are trying to decide just how you can walk up to this beautiful stranger without looking like a fool.

We’ve all been in this situation – or something similar – at least once in our dating lives. The key is to know what to say before she walks away. Sometimes it helps to have a little bag of tricks to pull out when you need to think of a quick way to approach a woman.

Here are a few tricks that can make it a cinch to walk up to a woman and strike up a conversation:

1. Ask for directions. This is not my favorite one, but it will work if you are scrambling madly to stop her from walking away. You might want to ask if she knows a good restaurant in the area because you are starving. If she enthusiastically talks about the place, you could even ask her to join you, saying you’d like the company, as you don’t particularly care to dine alone.

2. Ask for an opinion. You will need to think of some of these examples ahead of time, but if you remember them, you can whip them out easily. Sometimes it helps to actually think of an intelligent question to ask that shows you are a bright guy. For instance, you might say that you are heading to the toy store later that afternoon to buy a birthday gift for your 9-year-old niece. You can say that your niece asked for a doll that seems too sexy for a kid. You don’t want to get it for her, but you also want to find something she will be excited about. Ask the woman what she would recommend. If she is enthusiastic about her response and it appears you are clicking, you can even ask her to accompany you on the shopping trip

3. Walk up and say hello. This seems so simple that most people forget to do it. Walk up to her and say “Hey, how are you today? Do you have anything exciting planned for this beautiful/rainy/freezing day?” See how she responds to your genuine warmth and niceness and then invite her for a drink/coffee, whatever.

If you have in mind three basic ways to approach and meet a girl, then you can whip one out without too much thought and use it. Most women don’t want some elaborate pick up line when a guy walks up to them. What they really want is someone who is honest and genuine and wants to get to know them.

Article By Bill Preston


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