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Tips to Get A Girlfriend
New 05-31-2011 02:52 PM
Bill Preston

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If you want to get a girlfriend, this might be the best – and most obvious – piece of advice out there: stop looking for her at the bars and clubs.

OK, you say you’ve heard this before but that it hasn’t helped you a bit, because this bit of advice doesn’t include a key component, which is where you should be looking for her. I’m going to take a moment to look at places and ways to meet your new girlfriend.

While it is great to play the field and date many women at once, sometimes even the most energetic men want to simplify their lives and spend their time with one special woman. So here are some places, activities, and ways to get a girlfriend.

• Join a gym. If you are already a member of a gym, then change your routine up a bit. Go at a different time and then talk to everyone around you. Make friends and see where that leads. Join a traditionally female class at the gym, such as yoga.

• Pursue your passions. If you are crazy about the game of chess, then get out there and find some other chess aficionados. Join a club. If you love volleyball, join a team. If you are an art history buff, volunteer at the local gallery or museum. Whatever it is that guns your motor – pursue it. There is nothing sexier than someone who is passionate about something. It could be something she has zero interest in, but she will be interested in you because having a passion makes you interesting.

• Spread the word. Tell all your friends that you are looking for a serious relationship. Tell your little old lady neighbor because for all you know, she has a friend or granddaughter she wants you to meet.

• Along with spreading the word to your current friends, you may also want to consider expanding your social circle. Look at all the different people you know and how you can meet even more. Then take all those different groups of people – the guys from work, the girls from the gym, the people on your softball team – and bring them all together. Have everyone meet at a bar. Tell everyone you know to bring their friends. Create your own little world and you will increase your chances of meeting your dream girl.

• Volunteer. I mentioned this in the pursuing your passions idea, but if you take time to help others, it makes you more attractive and puts you in touch with someone else who might share your passion for justice or for libraries or for feeding the homeless. Take time to do something for someone else and you will end up enriching your own life.

These are just a few ideas on how and where you can meet someone to make your girlfriend. Use them as a launching pad for your own brainstorming session. The key or the basis behind your thought process should be getting out of your house and finding something that you enjoy doing. You will enrich your life and meet your dream girl.

Article By Bill Preston


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