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Top 10 Things That Attract Women to Men
New 02-20-2010 12:55 PM
Bill Preston

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1. Them there eyes. Billie Holiday sung it best: the very first thing that attracts women to men is their eyes. Men who are good with women know how to have great eye contact with everyone. So practice maintaining good eye contact that doesnít turn into creepy staring.

2. Your shoes. Its true studies show over and over again that women look at our shoes so make sure you have nice looking shoes on. You donít have to spend a fortune, but I do recommend a large portion of your budget go to at least one pair of really great shoes. And then pamper those babies. Keep them polished. Resole them if necessary. Waterproof them and if you live in a winter climate, wipe off salt and other grime every time you come indoors.

3. Your confidence is key for guys wanting to become an expert at how to talk to a girl. Now this is something you need to work on if you are lacking in this area. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. He can be overweight, balding and a jerk, but confidence is an aphrodisiac. Think Tony Soprano. Women love that guy. Itís because he has a super dose of self esteem.

4. Your clothes. This is similar to the shoe advice. Think quality over quantity. Save your money to get a perfect fitting black button up shirt and perfect fitting jeans even if it means it is the only outfit in your closet. It is better to have one great outfit than 10 ugly ones. Ask a female friend to go shopping with you. Then make sure you baby your clothes, as well. Keep them clean and ironed.

5. Your smile. Smile a lot when you are around women, it is the main component in learning how to flirt. It is a magnet. It shows you are happy, playful and fun, which are all traits women want in a man.

6. Your body. Now I said that confidence trumps body type, but you still need to make sure you are as fit as can be. Notice, I did not say thin or buffed out, but fit. That may mean eating less and moving your body more to get where you need to be, but show women you think enough of yourself to have a fit body.

7. Your nails. Spend a little money, if you can spare it, on a man groomers. Go get a manicure. If you canít, do it at home. Make sure you have great looking nails.

8. Your sex appeal. Now obviously if I could bottle this, Iíd be a millionaire. Sex appeal means so many things, but really it is truly a love and appreciation for women. If you try, you can find something to appreciate about every single woman you meet. This love for women is sexy.

9. Your success. It is sad but true, but having money does make you more attractive. This could partly be because women see a man who has money as being successful and ambitious, even if itís not true.

10. Being funny and witty. Learn to laugh at yourself. The ability to make a woman laugh is golden. Once she laughs, her barriers are down and she wants to be around you more.

Bill has been interested in helping guys get better results with women.

Article By Bill Preston


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