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Top Five Signs A Girl Wants To Be Kissed
New 08-17-2011 02:35 PM
Bill Preston

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Five Top Signs A Girl Wants to Be Kissed

You and this amazing girl have just spent the last three hours together having a blast. You met at the amusement park and have been riding roller coasters and laughing and screaming until tears ran down your face.

In between rides, the conversation never ebbs and the two of you have discovered that you have a lot in common. You haven’t yet held her hand and it is getting toward the end of the night.

This is your first outing together and everything has gone well except you have this niggling worry in the back of your mind that she might be placing you squarely in the dreaded “friend zone.”

What’s a guy to do? Well the first step you need to take is to move in for a kiss. But how do you know when the right moment has arrived. Just how do you know when to kiss a girl? What are the signs that she wants to be kissed?
Here are the top five signs that you should kiss a girl.

1. When you talk, you see her eyes go from your eyes then down to your mouth and then back up to your eyes. This is pretty strong body language that is telling you now is the time to plant one on her. She is looking at your mouth and lips and wondering what they will feel like on hers. Go in for it.

2. It’s the end of the night or date. If you end this first get together without giving her a kiss, you probably will end up smack dab in the middle of the friend zone. Even if she hadn’t considered putting you there before. Show that you are a man and that you are attracted to her by leaning in and giving her a goodbye kiss.

3. She keeps coming into your personal space for one reason or another. If she is moving in close often and even initiating physical contact in any way, then this is definitely a sign to move in for a kiss.

4. She is playing with her hair and her other body language signals show she is attracted to you. This could be batting her eyelashes (cliché, but really a sign of attraction), having her knees, feet and legs point toward you, putting her handbag near you or asking you to hold it – these are all signs that she is physically attracted to you.

5. When you get ready to part ways, she lingers. She doesn’t rush out of the car or rush inside her apartment. If she hesitates at all, she is sending you a message that she wants a kiss.

That last sign sort of sums up a lot of what it is important to realize about women – they very rarely (I’d almost say never) say they want you to kiss them. The majority of women are constantly sending subtle signs and signals that they are attracted to you.

If you take a bit of time to learn what these are and recognize them, you both will be happy.

Article By Bill Preston


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