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What Is The Best Way To Attract Women?

Listen, most men are not born with the ability to do attract women. Although when you look at some guys, it seems that they naturally know how to do so. Or else they took some top-secret class in school on how to convey the signals that women are seeking in men.

Smiling Brunette It doesnít take a fancy car, a fat paycheck, movie star looks, or power to be attractive to the opposite sex. If you think not having these things are standing in your way, then you are making excuses for yourself. Many men who donít have any of these things are pulling women by the boatload.

They key to mastering this is to learn what women truly want. In addition, it is equally important to understand what women DONíT want in a guy.

I think that most men donít realize that what they DONíT do is just as important as what they DO. For instance, women are turned off by wimps and by men who are socially inept.

They donít want men who are weak or insecure and who are lazy about how they look. Lastly, if all you are trying to do is showing, she will see right through it and won't be interested. Hereís some things to avoid if you want to be attractive to women.

Donít be a slob. You donít need to look like Brad Pitt, but you better make sure you are not a slob who doesnít take good care of your body, hygiene, or clothing. This shows that you donít take care about yourself when you donít take care of the way you look. It also reflects laziness.

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Donít shine your desperate light. This is obviously a huge turn off to women. Remember that no matter how attractive she finds you, women, just like men, are more attracted to what they canít have. If you throw yourself at her and show you are hers, she will lose interest. Always work to keep a level of aloofness and mystery intact. Donít broadcast your insecurity to the whole world. If you are insecure Ė and who isnít at least a little bit Ė donít let anyone see that. Fake it until you make it.

Very Attractive WomenDonít act supplicating or weak. These are huge turn offs to women. Even the most independent, successful, confident woman will naturally be attracted to alpha males. She is biologically programmed to respond to men who are strong and who can provide Ė even if she is the one best suited to provide in the relationship based on power, status, and money. She still will be turned off by men who are weak or who act dependent, supplicating, or needy. Displaying any traits that are the opposite of strong and confident will be automatic turn offs to her.

Donít act like a buffoon. If you drink too much, talk too loudly, or dance on the tables at a fine restaurant, you have not honed your social intelligence skills. In addition, if you cannot engage in a normal conversation and are shy and withdrawn, same thing.

So, now that weíve looked at what you shouldnít do, and how you shouldnít act, letís look at what works:

Tip #1

1. Tease her and make her laugh. This counts more than you can believe. If you look at some long-lasting marriages and interview the women, they will tell you that one secret to the longevity of their relationship, is the ability to make each other laugh. If you are fun and she can relax, women will want to be around you.

When you are a fun guy to be around, you are demonstrating that you are confident and relaxed, which is the opposite of supplicating and insecure. You can display this attitude by flirting, gentle teasing and being in touch with your childish side.

Tip #2

2. Develop good conversational skills. Show that you know how to interact with anyone at any time. Learn this skill by practice. When you are confident in any social situation, you are displaying extremely attractive leadership qualities. When you learn these skills, you also demonstrate alpha male traits that will draw women to you naturally. Women want to be with men who take charge and are ooze confidence.

Tip #3

3. Maintain your mystery. If she continues to wonder just how much you like her and exactly how much you are attracted to her, she is going to stick around. If she knows she has you in her back pocket, she will get bored and lose interest. A good way to do this is to tease her. This lets her know that you do not put her up on a pedestal and worship her like some other guys might have in the past.

Let her know you have feelings and emotions, but donít give it all up and confess your deepest feelings to her. Keep some things to yourself. If you maintain a bit of aloofness, while still acting in a warm manner, her attraction will be sustained.

Tip #4

4. Be confident. Work on your confidence every single day. Pick up a book on body language so the way you sit, stand and move oozes confidence (I have read and personally recommend The Definitive Book On Body Language. You will also benefit by this book because you will learn how to read women from across the room. You will be able to tell if she wants you to approach her or if she would rather be left alone right then. It is almost like a secret language that only you understand.

Tip #5

5. Pursue your own interests. If you follow your passions and your hobbies and interests, you automatically become 100 percent more interesting than the guy who done none of this. Doing what you love makes you come alive. Even if the woman has zero interest in chess, your passion about it will be attractive to her. Anyone who has interests is by default 'interesting', just like anyone who is bored is boring.

If you take the time to make your own life as interesting and fun as you can, you will naturally be more attractive to women, almost as a side benefit.

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