Become Fearless – Interview With Nick Sparks

Posted by Bill Preston on August 16, 2011 under PUA Interviews | 9 Comments to Read

nick sparks

In this free interview you will hear us discuss:

  • What is Fearless and how did it come about?
  • How harnessing your fear correctly can actually IMPROVE your game dramatically.
  • How truly great men throughout history have used fear to become incredible leaders.
  • Why learning the perfect thing to say is actually DESTROYING your success with women. (and examples of how NOT saying the perfect thing has worked to get amazing results.)
  • The “Big 3” critical things that are simple to master, but will make a permanent change how you interact with women.
  • How to use proper pacing and tonality in your voice to inject the right mix of sexuality and attraction into your conversations with women.
  • and much, much more…

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Become Fearless Goes Live at 7PM EST (today).

To learn more, go here: Becoming Fearless

Bill Preston

Bill Preston

Bill Preston Featured On The Chick Whisperer

Posted by Bill Preston on June 22, 2011 under PUA Interviews | Be the First to Comment

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Listen to me being interviewed by Scot McKay on the World Famous Chick Whisperer Podcast.

Listen to us answer questions from listeners… we cover the following topics:

  • How to date women casually when you are very busy and don’t want a full blown relationship. The key way to re-frame the situation, while being honest with women.
  • The correct way to touch women (kino), without being creepy. The secret to touching a woman the right way (this will help ensure you don’t get placed in the dreaded “friend zone”.
  • We discuss why “sensual tension” is much, much more important than “sexual tension”. How to generate this sensual tension so she will decide that she wants to be intimate with you.
  • The secret way to end a first date, that will almost guarantee that she will not only want to see you again, but you may not even need to take her out as she will want to just come over and get physical.
  • And much, much more…

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    You can also download the audio/mp3 here: Bill Preston Interview <- right click and "save file as" See you next time,
    Bill Preston

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  • My Interview On Loud Mouth Golf

    Posted by Bill Preston on May 19, 2010 under Free PUA Content, PUA Interviews | 5 Comments to Read

    Loud Mouth Golf ShowA few weeks ago I was a guest on the live radio show “Loud Mouth Golf”.

    Like most ‘live’ shows, we diverted off our original topic of generating attraction with women through conversation.

    Good times. 🙂

    Give it a listen by clicking the play arrow below:

    The Bad Boy Formula

    Posted by Bill Preston on February 4, 2010 under PUA Interviews | 6 Comments to Read

    I just interviewed Carlos Xuma where we talk about becoming the type of “Bad Boy” that women love. The great thing is even a nice guy can unleash his inner a bad boy, without becoming a jerk.

    The Bad Boy Formula with Carlos Xuma (click play below to listen):
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    bad boy formula

    Learn more about how to become The Bad Boy That Women Love today.

    bill preston

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    The Bar To Your Bedroom

    Posted by Bill Preston on January 31, 2010 under PUA Interviews | 11 Comments to Read

    In this phone call I get the World Famous PUA Nick Sparks to reveal his two secret methods to get girls from the bar to his bedroom. Nick’s game is legendary among the PUA community and all of the ‘gurus’ agree that he is the best in the field. Watch this great interview with him and I guarantee that you will learn how to help you get more girls… from the bar to your bedroom.

    I’ve been around ALL of the top seduction guru’s in the world and I can say without question that Nick is the best of the best.

    You don’t wanna miss this (just click play below for the free interview).

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    If you found this video helpful, then here is what I want you to do.   I want you to either comment below or email me at

    Listen to the call to find out why this will change your game TONIGHT! <= be sure to listen to the call before you click this link


    bill preston