PUA= self explanatory

MPUA= proficient pick up artist -The Red Baron

Affirmation= A mental exercise where you build new beliefs about yourself or your environment by affirming them on a regular basis- Playa

Social Conditioning= Society implants ideas of how situations should be, based upon normal societies expectations -Playa

Ambiguity= This term is from NLP and refers to phrases that when used while talking to someone can be misinterpreted. A common one is to say the phrase below me, which can be taken as blow me- Playa

Active Indifference= This is accomplished by subtly engaging your target, but display your indifference to things about her that normally are found to be attractive. This is not ignoring her, it is engaging her but ignoring he qualities- Playa

Attraction Triggers= The unconscious traits of men and women, that when triggered will result in attraction. Typical male attraction triggers are a women with child bearing, healthy characteristics (large eyes, large breasts, wide hips with a skinny waist). Female attraction triggers are typically a male who can provide for them and is of high social value-Playa

Bedroom Eyes= This that look a man or woman gives, using mostly their eyes that expresses their desire for seduction- Playa

Dance Game= A specific form of game that uses the dance floor to Attract Women. Typically non-verbal, using dance moves to generate attraction- Playa

End Game= The last stage of seduction, where you are working to advance seduction to a full close- Playa

Full Close= The final act of seduction, resulting in a sexual experience with your target- Playa

IOI: Indicators of interest= This is something a girl does to show that she is interested and usually precededs and Escalation. Pre-open It could be a girl making frequent eye ccontact or smiling at you showing willingness to be approached, once in the set it can be laughing at your jokes, complementing you, asking questions, asking your opinion, touching you (Kino), grooming herself, or the like. Mystery says after 3 IOI's it's time to escalate (phase shift), whether to kissing, or whatevers next- Bill Preston

NEG= To offhandedly insult or tease the target. Not to be too mean, but to disqualify yourself as a suitor or interested to build Comfort in them but also build attraction. There is a great list of negs here: Ultimate List of Negs. Pure gold! I was doing this looooong before I knew it was a sanctioned technique... waaaaaay before I knew there was a 'community' for players of 'the game.' -Unknown

Takeaway= A takeaway is to make somebody desire something more by making them think they're lost/ are losing it. A classic examply is taking a babys food that wont eat..now all of the sudden they're hungry. A great way to administer this is after already declaring a 'time constraint' and then at pauses in the conversation, or between multiple questions in a canned routine to slightly turn either shoudlers or full body, or take one step away, the swing back and pick up. in that moment you can set the hook after they thought the fun/ interesting interaction is over- BadMedicine

AMOG= AMOG or Alpha Male Of Group is the guy who the current alpha in a situation or set in terms of contacts, relations, and percieved value to the group. The AMOG Destroyer is the tactic or routine often canned used to Disarm the AMOG and raise your percieved value. Different theories on this inclue befriending him and gaining his approval to raise your value, Demonstrating higher social value, or clowning him out, friendly or aggressivly and shutting him out. Sometimes it can be befriending the girls to shut him out, or other males in the group (Betas love attacking Alphas) or simply befriending him, and being social-proofed by him to showrank and status- BadMedicine

Hook= The hook is the point during the open when the target is interested and accepting. This is when you know you have their interest and intrigue and will be able to go into routines and drag them further into Comfort. It usually happens soon after the open, but may need some false takeaways to build suspense/ eagerness- BadMedicine

Long Term Relationship= LTR is just what it means. The goal ideally, to PUA's would be to find someone they can see more than once, even if it's a sex-only LTR but sometiems a monogamous, loving, caring LTR. A lot of AFCs are going to be happy with just one girl, any girl. Some, are in it for the chase and want variety and care little about relationships at that stage in their lives- BadMedicine

FTC= false time constraint is when upon approachign the set one of the first things you do is make an excuse for while you're leaving soon. "Hey I gotta get back to by friends, but ....." or "I've only got a minute but I was wondering.." This puts the set at ease with your presence thinking you'll be going soon and wont be stuck with you all night. This is an especially good way to grab a seat at the table because usually if you sit they'll try and say someone is sitting there or think they're stuck with you, but with the false constraint said just before you sit or as you are they'll let down their guard. Also to be used with false takeaways but getting up to leave, or turning or stepping away and then turning back for a follow up question or comment- BadMedicine

Set= A set is the group you're approaching. often called a two-set, three-set or however many girls are in the group. It can be a one-set as set doesn't necessarily refere to a group, but has roots in theatrical terms such as 'movie set' or the set of a play... this is where the theatrics occures... though often a onesy is simply refered to as the target- BadMedicine

Target= The target is the desired goal in a set or the one being approached. Though usually not directly approached when in a set, often the PUA will approach and try to win the group over before acknowledging the target. Gaining social-value or social proof through others in the group acknowledging you and qualifying you will raise your worth in her eyes and make her easier to game after she starts ioi's- BadMedicine

Social Proof / Social Value= The qualifying you get by being liked and acknowledge by other people in the venue, particularly in the set, or friends of the target, that basically vouges for your likability/coolness/ worthiness of knowing/ character. Often Gained by going out in groups or with friends, and approaching people in the venue even if not a target for the sake of being seen talking to people and being 'pre-proofed'. Entering a set, especially if an AMOG is there its important to be qualified by the lesser-targeted females, and the AMOG if he truly is one, and you're unable to run him off or sink his battlship.Social value can also be demonstrated/ won by if you're a professional or have a prestigious job/ car/ house / hobbies, all things that demonstrate or relate to S&R value- BadMedicine

String Theory= can sometiems be used interchangably with or to describe a Takeaway but are not always the same thing. A takeway is often employed for immediate results where stringtheory is the same concept over time on difficult or high-value targets trying to increase your worth and show not-needines, elusiveness and make you more desireable through scarcity. Named for the way a cat will chase a string you're playing with, but when given to them want nothing to do with it- BadMedicine

The 3 second rule= usually a beginning rule to start helping people new to PUA a way of approaching within a certain time because it gives them a slight time to approach the set. It's a rule to approach a set within the first three seconds of seeing them or them seeing you- crobinson1

Anti slut defense= basically the process that women conciously or unconciously follow to avoid the perception of being slutty or easy. lots of women are so afraid of being judge sluts that they will actually go out of there way to be perceived as nice girls or good girls. they will usually proclaim indifference to sex when actually they want it just as bas as the guy does. most AFC will take this for its face value and just give up. but being PUA we know this as a test and an obstacle to overcome to get her in ur bed that night- crobinson1

BWS= Beautiful woman syndrome is actually the thought that beautiful women start acquiring undesirable traits because there beauty is enough for an AFC as where a PUA wants looks and personality. some of these traits is a seize in furthering personal and intellectual development. or treating people that arent as hot like inferiors or people below them. or failure to appreciate attributes of lesser attractive people. its basically the thought of becoming a boring girl who acts like a bitch- crobinson1

Beta Males= subordinates or the inferior in social hierarchy but can often be used to replace AFC or wussy. beta males are usually the guys who have no game and do often look for approval from the girl while thinking what they are doing works. these guys are the reason studying game works so good because while they keep farking up all the time and making it seem like every guy out there just doesnt understand them, this is when the PUA or naturals pick up lots of women and for some reason people are often perplexed why this happens. its because of those beta males- crobinson1

Alpha Male= now this is usually the leader or top dog in social hierarchy. often abbreviated as just alpha, being alpha male is basically the understanding that you are confident and you perception of reality or your frame does not change because of anyone. your percieve it that way and it wont be changed. alpha males as usually guys who are naturally confident or PUA's because they know they have lots of fun and dont need to look for approval in anything because they are who they are- crobinson1

Bitch Sheilds= bitch shields are lots of times girls just shutting down and are not giving any AI or are actually giving anti AI's. this will help to weed out AFC's becuase they will think she is unapproachable. lots of times a girl BS can come in during conversation with a guy or a PUA. lots of times you might hit a topic or a spot where the girls BS goes up and she starts acting rude or asking the guy to leave- crobinson1

Body Rocking= a non verbal indicator or false time constraint that is used to show non neediness or that the PUA may leave the set at any time. this is sometimes used as a test to find whether the girls have attraction to you or not and to find if the PUA has hit the hook point. lots of times you will see a PUA take a step back and lean away slightly to find if the girls come forward to show interest in their interaction- crobinson1

Cock Block= this is any obstalce that could stop a PUA from fully closing. it can be anything such as the various friends, AMOG's, hired guns or any other indivudual who stops the PUA from fully closing and gives them an obstacle to overcome. most of the time the cock block is either an AFC or AMOG trying to stop the hookup- crobinson1

Cold Reading= a technique, usually very advanced, that is used by pua's to build attraction by appearing to know something deep about a girl he just met. this starts to build intrigue and can also be a way to transition into building some rapport and Comfort with a girl by relating to her on a deeper level. this is usually used after opening the girl and finding out the type of girl she is. pandoras box system taught me a lot on girls types and cold reading and find that this tends to be a very high level tactic that is actually going across a fine line of attraction and disater. if done wrong she will just dismiss you, if done right is amazing- crobinson1

compliance test= a compliance test when used by a women is a small request or series of requests to shift the power in the interaction onto her side. But when used by us PUA's is a test for her compliance and overall attraction to you. we all know that when a girl complies to what we request that is a huge ioi and usually indicates the amount of energy she puts into ur interaction together. so when done correctly, can be a test of attraction- crobinson1

DHV= demonstrating higher value is usually a story or action used to increase the value of a Pick Up Artist within a setting which results in increased attraction and interest from the opposite sex. DHV is a big item that is very important as when used properly can increase attraction and curiosity of the PUA thru the roof and ultimately is a big weapon during attraction- crobinson1

Disqualification= an indirect statement that is used so that the PUA can come in under the radar and not be percieved as hitting on the target. by disqualifying, the pua actually got past lots of her shield or defenses usually used to weed out AFC and gave him a chance to work his game- crobinson1

Energy Level= the level of energy or vibe given off by the pua when he enters a set. lots of people sometimes have trouble with day game because there is an actually way to optimize day game thru energy level. we all know that in a club you can go up to a group with lots of energy and open. during the day however is very much different. during day game you need to come in with a modest energy and hit the hook point and leave with a higher energy. so when trying to work day game you need to be able to mirror her energy level to increase Comfort and attraction- crobinson1

Time Bridge= basically as a mental bridge that uses foreshadowing and future projection to ensure a day 2 and allow the seduction for a later time with ur target. lots of game start off so good sometimes and forget to time bridge and their targets sometimes end of losing the initial attraction and all that hard work went for nothing- crobinsonn1

Anchor- stimulus that triggers a specific emotional or behavi0ral response. a PUA would use this to make the woman associate you with a certain seductive or positive emotion- chulin

IOD= A verbal or nonverbal sign or action that a woman does to show she has no interest in you or has lost interest in you during the interaction. This is the opposite of an ioi- chulin

Calibrate= to read the verbal and nonverbal responses of a person or set in order to accurately figure out what they are thinking or feeling- chulin

Disarm= to neutralize a possible obstacle; be it another woman in the set or an AMOG- chulin

Domino Efect= theory which states that if one was to attract a higher level female, then lower level women will follow- chulin

Eject- to abandon a set- chulin

Fluff- to make small talk- chulin

Freeze Out- to ignore the woman in order to make her seek your validation. one can use this to dhv or counter LMR- chulin

Instant Date= taking a woman or set one just met from one venue to another location more appropiate for getting to know each other- chulin

Kino= short for kinesthetic; physical touch- chulin

LMR= last minute resistance- chulin
Manage Expectations= to let the woman know before sleeping with her how committed one intends the relationship to be- chulin

NLP - NEURO LiNGUISTIC PROGRAMMING= a form of waking hypnosis used to influence a person on a subconscious level- chulin

Phase Shift-to make the transition from ordinary talk to more sexually-driven talk, Kino or body language; usually to precede a kiss- chulin

Push-Pull= a technique used to create or increase attraction, by giving a woman IOD's n then follow with ioi's; could b done over a short or longer period of time- chulin

Time Distortion=technique of making a woman feel she has known a PUA longer than she actually has n create rapport [could be done with an Instant Date/Bounce, time bridge, future pacing etc]- chulin

Indirect Approach- This type of approach is a subtle way to approach a women, using some sort of reason that you are talking to her, besides the true fact that you are interested in her. This is the opposite of an Direct Approach- Playa

Rapport= Having rapport is the connection you feel with a close friend or someone you get along with. Examples include that feeling you get when you and a girl are totally into each other and willing to share secrets and even have some inside jokes. Rapport is critical for real attraction- HighTower

Freeze Out= When you freeze a girl out, you are deliberately and actively ignoring her. You can check your email. read a book or even watch TV, but you need to do it casually and deliberately as the goal is to make the girl miss your attention- Encore

Lifeline= When a woman drops a hint on what it is she wants you to ask her about- rememberthis

ONS= One night stand

Indirect Game= This type of game uses canned routines that hide the fact you are talking to her simply because you find her attractive. Examples include routines that ask for a females opinion on something. This is the opposite of

Root= The reason that you are approaching a set- In The Tropics

Time Bridge= The time spent between one encounter with a girl and the next- In The Tropics

Social Proof= Proving that you high social value. This can be done by opening a lot of different sets when you walk into somewhere which is a dhv and leading the men to get the women. If a target sees that you are opening everyone, they won't think you are singling them out either- In The Tropics

Canned Opener= This is a rehearsed Opener that is used more than once that you make sound sincere every time.

Preselection= Showing your target that other women want you- In The Tropics

Direct Approach= This type of approach is opposite of an Indirect Approach and consists of approaching a woman and letting her know that you are interested in her without using some sort of canned routine- Playa

Framing= setting the frame...it's basically setting the stage for how people interpret things. The two most obvious examples I can think of are conversational and social proof- suave kino

Sarge= To sarge is basically to go out to meet and pick up women. It was originally coined by Ross Jefferies one of the leaders in the PUA community- Bill Preston

Pivot= Potential female wing- chulin

Direct Game= This type of game is where the PUA shows a direct interest in his target and doesn't use any sort of Indirect Game to begin the conversation. An example would be "Hey there, I saw you over here and had to come say Hi. My name is Steve"-Playa

Boyfriend Destroyer= a pattern, routine, line used with the intention of seducing a woman with a boyfriend and lowering his value- chulin

Flake= when a woman cancels or doesnt show up to a meeting- chulin

AFC= Average frusterated chump- Bill Preston

approach invitation= sometimes taken as ioi's when they cant be literally referred to cause the girl hasnt met you. AI are actually subtle signals that women give when they are interested/curious about someone and want them to approach. usually you could see this as something like solid eye contact several times to just looking over and smiling. usually this can be taken as an invitation- crobinson1

Hired Guns= female employees [such as waitresses, bartenders, exotic dancers] hired for their attractiveness- chulin

Buyer's Remorse= When someone makes an investment, such as a car, many times they feel guilty for it afterward, especially if they got it without really thinking. The same thing happens to women, when they regretting being with you (or kissing you) if you didn't demonstrate enough value and connection.

Sh1t Test= usually when a woman gives a guy a hard time specifically to see how he reacts. they will do this so they can see the type of guy you are and do find out if you have certain undesirable traits such as neediness and clingyness. one of my favorite sh1t tests is actually from the movie hitch. during the bar scene a guy chip comes up and starts talking to her and is lost for words when she gives him the sh1t test about his name. after that all is lost because he wasnt able to come back from it and ultimately gets put right into the category "AFC"- crobinson1

Escalation= when you push the previous boundaries with a woman. For example, let's say you are lightly touching her arm... if you want to start Escalating the Kino - you may start slightly stroking her arm - Playa