Premarital Sexuality Standards is a group of codes that a woman follows before she is ready to commit to a sexual relationship. The four different standards are as follows: Abstinence, Permissiveness with Affection, Permissiveness without Affection, and the Double Standard.

Abstinence is the strongest standard against an intimate relationship. Not only will she require a strong emotional attachment, but she will also require an equally strong public proof to go with it. This usually ends up as marriage or relationships that have gone on for quite some time.

Permissiveness with Affection involves a sexual relationship with a slight degree of emotional commitment in there. This is usually a relationship scenario, as the female partner desires a certain extent of love before she will bring her shield down.

Permissiveness without Affection is where a woman will have a sexual relationship only out of physical attraction. She requires no emotional attachments, and is very flexible with this kind of relationship.

The Double Standard is where the woman rewards the man based on emotional and physical commitment to the relationship. Depending on the levels of reward and requirement, this can become very stable in terms of an intimate relationship.