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    BadMedicine Guest

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    yeah I know, we all know this one... but there seems to be some contention in the definition. I see a lot of "aspiring PUA's" being mentioned, and some people calling them that, (Mystery, Style, other Gurus) would probably call me that too. Well damn-it I AM a PUA!! My numbers may be lower, my skillz less refined, but would you call a new artist at any other art form "aspiring"? If they 'do art' no matter how worthless or shoddy, are they not an artist? I might not be a journeyman or MASTERPUA, but just showing interest, knowing the concepts, studying the ways of human emotions and interactions and psychology and knowing that humans are biological organisms constrained by the laws of the universe to behave in accordance... well that puts you in a position to be standing at the apex of your future when stars collide. Just increasing your odds and knowing the rules of the game make you a player and in my opinion a practicing PUA. If you happen to be on this board and possess a desire to learn and improve then by god you're already an artist. You've taken the first step and are on your way. At least.. that's my opinion.. and I'm the one writing the definitions around here, so call me Merriam-Webster; my word is law!

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    ok there pua. calm down newbie. no need for the fake power trip. haha not bad definitions though. good job
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Fakhry Guest

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    lool nice!
    this was on my mind some days back! haha


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