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Thread: flake

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    Default flake

    when a woman cancels or doesnt show up to a meeting

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    Default Re: flake

    If she is being flaky, her is my method. Its new, not been tested except once, but it is working as I use it now. And you can try it out too and post your experience!

    When she says she cant come out You try to get her out by being manipulative. We all know how to do this. Tell her your out having a great time and that she should come out if she can. No pressure kind of thing. Or you can say "the cure to your situation (being at work, being sick, whatever her excuse) is getting a drink with me!" Or whatever, it doesnt matter. She will either show up or not. If not, dont worry:

    Then the next day, text her and say "sorry you couldnt come out last night! you missed such an awesome time! too bad, but hope you had as exciting of a night as I did!" You can take this further, create a story of getting attacked by a cougar (young girls hate them), or list some exciting things you did. But dont talk too much. Just dont. Tell her your tired after that night and need to catch up on sleep!

    Then after that, could be right after, or could be a day or two later, text her telling her that you thought she seemed cool and you wanted to get to know her better, but "lets just be friends". This is usually what women say to men and having the tables turned on her by a guy she flaked on is a magic genie in a bottle. She may not even reply becaus eshe is so taken aback by it.

    Couple days later tell her you saw her at a club or concert or event and your sorry you didnt say hi but you were out with a girl.

    I wouldnt recommend taking it as far to say that you are seeing a girl you had met the night she stood you up, but you know there are some situations where that may really do a trick. It had crossed my mind but may be going too far for some girls who are jaded/cynical/skeptical/always looking for guys to pull one over on them. But for women who lead active social lives it is totally feasible that this would happen and I would say to go for this extra measure if you can word it right. You could say that the night you saw her out and didnt approach her that you were with a girl you met the night she stood you up. And if you do try this let me know.

    Anyways after telling her you saw her out she will say "I didnt go there/that must not have been me", then you laugh and say hahaha, thats so funny, woulda been even funnier if I had approached the chick! if she responds tehn say "I actually just remembered that I had actually done that once before but I ended up really hitting it off with the girl! hahaha, very funny story!" She will laugh and say something like oh yea thats neat or whatever. Then tell her that you hope she had as great of a night as you did and ask what she did. Whatever she did, tell her thats cool your glad she got to go out, but tell her what an amazing night you had (make up a little story), and that she should try such and such a venue next time! Or even better insinuate/say that she could use someome more exciting like you to hang out with! Then you can either use that to ask her out again, or let her dangle on your line for a couple more days to develope more value to prevent another flake, and th en ask her out next time you talk. Either way, this method is something I just came up with and is working for me with this really hot chick who stood me up and acted like it was whatever. And I think that it may work universally. Try it and see for yourself and let us all know!


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