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Do you speak Pick Up? Do you know what PUA (pronounced Pooh-wah) stands for? Think about how handy a dictionary would come in for you as you learn about this community and this lifestyle.

Some of the acronyms and terms are obvious: day game, openers, alpha male, wingman, and mindset.

Others are not so obvious: A set? Negging? A stick? Gatekeepers? Batting practice. It is a bit of a subculture and as a result it has developed its own slang, its own lingo, its own acronyms and terms.

Some of the acronyms will mean absolutely nothing to you unless you have a little insight. For instance, any clue what AFOG or AMOG stands for? They stand for, respectively, Alpha Female of the Group and Alpha Male of the Group. Who knew?

You can be an AK Ė AMOG Killer, but of course that means just removing the guy from the group (in a nonviolent way despite the word!)

You donít want to be an AFC Ė and Iím not talking football here Ė that stands for Average Frustrated Chump.

And you definitely donít want to be a BAFC (Below Average Frustrated Chump) and certainly not a WBAFC (Way Below Average Frustrated Chump).

(Donít ask me who makes these terms up.)

Are you starting to get the idea that you are being introduced to a whole new world with a whole new language?

What is fascinating about learning the lingo is that as you are learning it, you are also simultaneously learning techniques and methods that will help you with women.

For instance, terms such as Being Present and AOC (art of charm) are all referring to ways you can improve yourself. At the art of so very much PUA advice is to work on being the best man you can be and making your life as wonderful as you can. Once you create this Best Self, you are no longer in the running to be a Bottom Feeder of JAW (Just Another Wannabe).

You can learn more about Chick Crack, Chick Bait and Chick Politics.

Some terms I never use and really donít even know for sure what they mean: BT Spike (Buying Temperature Spike) or a Chode Crystal.

Thatís OK, if I do need to know any of these terms I can easily find out more with a PUA dictionary.

You will learn what to do when you encounter LMR (Last Minute Resistance) or how to handle the LJBF (Letís Just Be Friends) conversation.

It all depends on what you are after. Are you after a SDL (Same Day Lay) or are you looking for a ZNS (Zero Night Stand)? What is that anyway?

Do you know exactly how to avoid hurting a girlís feelings when communicating with another? For instance, if I see a less than attractive woman, I would never want to hurt her feelings, so in a very low voice I might tell my wingman she is a UG (Ugly Girl). By the way, even a HB (Hot Babe) can be ugly if they are ugly on the inside.

By the way, the longest such acronym I am aware of is the HTGTWYDIB (How To Get The Woman You Desire Into Bed).

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